So... Have you ever wondered how other people experience God or the Divine?

I'm fascinated by the concept of God. This is not from an academic stance but a deeply personal yearning for ongoing experience of the Divine.Yet my journey has not been the most traditional one. I was raised Catholic and left the church in my early 20's. Then after a number of years of studying yoga at a huge yoga center, I became a disciple of the guru there.But shortly after initiation he was ousted for having sex with some of the beautiful young women who sought out his spiritual teachings. This left me depressed and in a tail spin....more

The Faces of Friendship

 A lot has changed in my life since I wrote The Faces of Friendship than twenty years ago: my parents are no longer living; my children are grown and have started their careers; and I’ve written a number of other books....more
@Isabel_Anders Isabel! Congratulations yourself! That's great news. I'll be looking for your ...more

Pagan Blog Project – “A” for “Aspirations”

Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek

Alice is an immediately recognizable figure to all of us bookish types. She is a true bibliophile: most enraptured by her eventual hero when she finds he lovingly caresses and smells the pages and leather of a book much in the same way she treasures her own. The mystery and espionage as well as the greater statement against corrupt mine officials and the forming of unions make this a heart-palpitating story that will be difficult to put down. ...more
I first read her Wings of Refuge and really liked it and then a friend lent me the 5 series on ...more

Card for today!

The card for today is an Angel card! The 3rd eye chakra card. When we see this card, we are reminded by the Angels to trust our intuition, gut feelings, dreams, prophecies, and visions as they are gifts to us. Often, we ignore the urgings of our 3rd eye because of what those around us will say or think. The Angels are challenging us to trust our own inner voice and allow the Divine to show us which way to go and what to do. So today and everyday, ignore the voices of the other humans and tap into your own inner knowledge in prayer and/or meditation. Be still and know truth!...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” If You Resist This Change, Will You be Disappointed? 1-13-12

This may be the closure you’re seeking, to “Get more of a life” for yourself.Prepare yourself for this complete change that is timely for you.Opposing Energies: resistance, indecision, stubbornnessIn the event you resist this change, will you disappointed?Letting go of something in order to change your life, will bring you to a higher than you imagined place.Wide Awake Words™ for today: ascension, progression, shifting...more

Did I Ever Tell You

    I'm not sure if I ever told you exactly why my blog is called Cupcakes and Candy Canes.  I know there are probably some of you out there thinking how incredibly juvenile it sounds for a practically grown lady to be detailing her life under such a fluffy moniker.  I'll be the first to admit, I am not a "grown up" grown-up.  I'm probably a little more mature than I was when I started this little Internet adventure a year ago, but I've decided that I'll never be grown up enough to change my blog's name.  ...more

Judgmental Whispers Among the Prayers

Here, a fine Christian lady eloquently questions a strain of behavior within her own church:...more

Grace at Home

To read more from me visit As a stay at home mom, I put this level of perfection and expectation on myself.  Since my job is AT home, FROM home and IN my home, my home should be the epitome of cleanliness and order at all times.  NOT!  (Thanks to my husband who is helping me see this lie more clearly.  Love you, Babe.) Yeah, you might walk in my house and find everything sparkling clean like the Cleaver's home thiiiiis time, but the neeeext time you drop in - look out!  Pi...more

Book Reviews - A Lineage of Grace & A Place Called Blessing

To read more from me visit As my life has become busier since the arrival of my daughter, I've found there is little to no time for reading....or that long, hot bath with scented salts and candles.  *smiles*  BUT, in December I found time to take TWO long, hot baths with scented salts and in the new house a "canned light" above the tub.  AND, I read the following books...  A Lineage of Grace:  Five Stories of Unlikely Women Who Changed Eternity...more