Last week I posted a comment on Facebook about the importance of laughter in our lives. Evidently research shows that there are lots of health benefits to such glee. Stress relief, increase blood flow to your heart, and body relaxation are just a few in the plethora of literature. Also, laughter can reduce conflict, bring back balance while keeping you alert and focused. I thought this was pretty neat considering laughing is a fun, enjoyable activity to partake in, and with added health rewards, seems like something I’d like to focus more on....more

Your Business

What other people think of you is none of YOUR business.   Allie

Get What You Deserve

You don't really want what you "deserve", do you? Are you sure?   Allie

It's a Small Step In The Right Direction . . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 It's a Small Step In The Right Direction . ....more

Maiden, Mother, Crone: My Body and My Spirituality

Loving, supportive friends are not unlike mothers in some ways, and by being a loving and supportive friend, you are mothering someone, and effectively learning how to treat yourself in the process. Mothering my children and being mothered by my friends has taught me how to mother myself, and that has helped me grow so that I can help others. ...more
I think I may still be in the maiden stage because I just get overwhelmed when I think about the ...more

A Remarkable Woman and the Last of Her Three Love Stories

If you didn't have the chance to read my first post, The Most Remarkable Woman I Never Met, you can find the link here. And at the end of this post, you'll find some other interesting links, including one to the last piece Elisabeth ever wrote, which has never been published as a book. For Part II of this series, I decided to let Elisabeth tell you about her life in her own words....more

The Amazing Power of Belief

'Sometimes what seems like surrender isn't surrender at all. It's about what's going on in our hearts. About seeing clearly the way life is and accepting it and being true to it, whatever the pain, because the pain of not being true to it is far, far greater.'  Robert Redford as Tom Booker in The Horse Whisperer, 1998...more

My closet runneth over

This weekend, I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work with a group of women from my church. Our service was to go to a local women and children's shelter and host a Valentine's brunch and party for the residents....more

The journey from fear to wholeness

“The spiritual path [is] an unfolding into wholeness. Rather than trying to vanquish waves of emotion and rid ourselves of an inherently impure self, we turn around and embrace this life in all its realness – broken, messy, mysterious and vibrantly alive. By cultivating an unconditional and accepting presence, we are no longer battling against ourselves, keeping our wild and imperfect self in a cage of judgment and mistrust. Instead, we are discovering the freedom of becoming authentic and fully alive.” – Tara Brach...more

Talking to myself

I love talking things through.  Maybe that's the woman in me but I like to know that I have explored every angle on something  before I make a decision.  I like asking people's opinions but I tend to stick with my instincts, I'd like to believe that I have been on this earth long enough to make my own mind up.  I'd also like to believe that my moral code is strong enough to help point my internal compass in the right direction.  But it's in talking things through that I really learn about myself and what I stand for in life. ...more