Christian Assumptions

On the red carpet at a very televised awards ceremony, one of the reporters stopped a fabulously dressed blonde actress who, at the time, was the hottest ticket on both the small and big screens. She was ending her TV run and embarking on strictly a motion picture career and motherhood. At the end of the interview the reporter wished her a Merry Christmas and she stopped in her tracks and the dazzling smile on her face dropped and was replaced with stone. "I'm Jewish." ...more

We should never assume that people are saved. Jesus never once pushed anything down someone's ...more

Believing is Seeing

Good morning!I just got back a few hours ago from a fantastic morning intenSati class with Natalia Petrzela. It's an invigorating series and one of the affirmations she teaches is "Believing is seeing"....more

Thoughts on John 14:6

 In my blogging travels today, I came across a  refreshing post that spoke of the exclusivity of Christ.   It instantly reminded me of  what Jesus said on that very subject - a verse with which many are familiar.  Have you ever considered what that verse is really saying?  ...more


It seems the older we get, the more we acquire; not only in material things, but also the experiences that come from living life. No one goes through life without the ups and downs, the struggles, the hardships, the joys and celebrations that accumulate as the years add up.The more candles we have on our cake, the more stories we have to tell. ...more

Meeting Needs with NVC

There’s no one on the planet who hasn’t been in a situation wherein tempers and/or emotions escalated – perhaps even dramatically – due to miscommunication or poor communication. When this has happened in your own life, you’ve likely looked back on it afterwards and wondered how things got so out of control....more

It's May, Meaning Muscles Meet the Miraculous.

It’s cliche, but I’m so sore that muscles are hurting that I never realized existed…I’ve gone from having no time to workout to doing it nearly 3 hours a day. Mayterm at Houghton is a wonderful thing (weather is nice, fewer classes & responsibilities, living in a house with Heather instead of college housing, etc.), but this year I’m taking 2 PE credits — Tennis & Badminton....more

The Year of Losses...

There comes a point in life where the losses pile up so tremendously that your reaction becomes one of almost relief.  You sigh at the blow and say, "Yes, I knew that was coming. It is only logical in this period of fire."...more

A great adventure!

Our family is preparing for a much anticipated trip to Disneyworld....more

Who is my beholder?

We've all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Normally, I'm not all that concerned with how I look.  I've got a few extra pounds that I would really like to lose, mainly because I am too poor to buy bigger clothes right now.  Otherwise, I would not care! Most days I don't even wear make-up. I have a very low maintenance hairstyle.  I've never cared much what other people think of me.  I am who I am and that is how it's gonna be and if you don't like it, you don't have to!...more

Post-Rapture Pet Care: World Ends Saturday! Who'll Feed the Dog?

It's a Saturday Night Live skit waiting to happen, right? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets: A service that promises to care for your pet after you have ascended to heaven to join The Almighty. Like the company's co-founder, Bart Centre, I laughed at first. Surely, this can't be for real. But after speaking with Bart, and a few close friends who believe in the Rapture, I stopped laughing and started thinking....more

Not sure why this scheduled Doomsday is getting more attention and belief than all the others ...more