Total Breakthrough, Part One.

Well, hello there. I trust that, given the fact that it is Friday morning, you are having a lovely day so far. I know I am, I just had 2 major breakthroughs. I know, its only 9:00 but enough has happened this morning that I probably should call it a (work) day and start my weekend. Before I run that by my boss, come in for the real thing. ...more

Stand Firm

Stand: To rise to an upright position on the feet; assume or maintain an upright position; remain valid, sound, or durable. Firm: With resolute determination. ...more

Rites of Passage for Back to School


My mum still has them : )

Some years, that was the only picture of the four of us ...more

Doorbell-ringing, tract-delivering, unsolicited religionistas

I just said good-bye to them at my door -- the door-to-door religious people. It struck me that I have spent a fair amount of time in my life avoiding being button-holed by people who wish to inflict-- uh, share -- their usually inflexible, generally absolute, their-way-or-the-straight-to-hell-highway-faith-position with me. Over the years I've been accosted at my door, in shopping malls, over lunch, in airports, parking lots, train stations and at social gatherings. When I was a waitress in college, some people would even leave Bible tracts instead of tips. ...more

Not a single one!

The Blog: Red Nose The ...more

Body Betrayal: Learning to Live in it, Love it, and Forgive it

Feel free to check out for the full content of this blog post! ...more

INspired Action Journal - The Pregnant Pause

 A Law of Attraction in Action Publication of Bliss Studios LLC    The Pregnant Pause ...more

Mourning Ted from Massachusetts

I stood at a farm stand in western Massachusetts this weekend and asked, "This is the orchard where Ted's plane crashed in 1964, isn't it?" The proprietor looked at me and said "Yes." That's it, just the word "yes". I reminded myself that I am back in New England, a land of economies, even in speech. I bought a small bag of apples and left. A news article gives more detail: ...more

A Soul Reading for Claudi


American Ramadan Day Eight and Nine: 29 Days of Fasting, Jesus and New Year

I’ve officially made it one week into my four week fast, and I’ve started to notice some changes. ...more

Finding Balance

Tonight I was having dinner with a friend of mine who is a business professor at a prestigious graduate school. While the guys grilled the steaks, she and I wandered around my studio with our glasses of wine. We stopped in front a my wall of dreamboards – a series of collages embodying my intentions month by month. When we got to one that said “Do Less,” she sighed a little and said,  “Tell me this Rachelle, do you think someone can ever get all their ducks in a row?” My reply? ...more

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