Limitless Possibilities

" All things are possible if you believe!!" What does this quote mean? Can we take this quote literally? Yes, I believe we can!! On my quest to find excitement in my life. I have found that doors open up when you announce that you are coming through them. Its like going to  someone's house and knocking at the door, or ringing the door bell. How do they reply? Most often they say who is it, especially if they can't see whose on the other side, but the moment they recognize you they let you in. You were created ...more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Sex and the Village (is not so different from Sex and the City)

Living in a 3rd-word village has many challenges for a single woman traveling and living alone, but one of the most difficult aspects is dealing with one’s sex life - or in my case, the lack of one. Despite my liberated and adventurous ways, I’ve never been one for one-night stands or short-term hook-ups. I’m old fashioned, and like for things to “simmer” for a good while before turning up the heat....more

It is Never Too Late

As you’re thinking about your passions and the natural God-given talents and gifts, remember to list them all. Don’t limit yourself and please don’t put the limits on God. You may be thinking that it is too late for you to do certain things in your life. But you are wrong. It is NEVER too late. As long as you still have breath in your body, it is never too late to do anything. You need to inspire yourself. Become your own inspiration to get up each morning and do something to fulfill your purpose. As long as you have not EXPIRED, you can still INSPIRE....more

Help! I Cant See My Vision- Pt II

Now that you have listed the things that you love to do and are passionate about, lets list the things that we are naturally gifted at. Each of us have some things that we are naturally gifted or talented at doing, no matter how trivial you may think they are. These are our God-given talents that we were born with. You should know what you are naturally good at doing, without any struggles. Below is my list of natural gifts, my God-given gifts and talents:1. Analytical thinker. I’m a natural at analyzing, breaking things down and getting to the root meaning....more

Help! I Cant See My Vision- Pt I

If you're having a hard time seeing your vision, how can you write what you don’t see? Ok, let’s see if I can help you with this. Lets go back a minute to that thing called passion. Each of us has something that we are passionate about, that we really love to do. Your passion or what you love to do is specifically for you and is neither right nor wrong. You have those passions for a reason. That is why we are all so different and have different desires and needs. So, sit back for a moment and think about all of the things that you really love to do....more

Writing the Vision

Now that you have a vision for your life, the one that you imagined, and not the one that you currently see, we can go to the next step of WRITING the visual. It’s not enough to just have a mental image of what you want for your life, but you need to have something in writing so that you can see it. You cant build what you cannot see. That is why successful people are always writing and taking notes. They usually carry some sort of note pad, or in the age of technology, some sort of IT device, so that they can note when they get sudden revelations, thoughts or ideas....more

Do You Have a Vision

Habakkuk 2 (King James Version)2: And the LORD answered me, and said, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” 3: For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.Do you have a vision for your life? Have you VISUALIZED what you will accomplish, what you will do for yourself, and what you will do each day to advance your life?...more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Mexican Rainbows and Wabi Sabi

The thunderstorm of last night has passed and I woke up this morning to the sound of birds singing in a dozen different tunes. Last night I dreamed of Geisha's dancing, white faced, in Kimonos encrusted in gold embroidery with colorful themes running throughout. I stood behind the curtains watching them from the side of a stage, trying to decipher the stories from each Kimono....more

Big Tent Synchroblog - Be the church, Do love, Be reconciled

There's this awesome thing going on next month in N.C. - a conference called Big Tent Christianity.  Big Tent Christianity is about emphasizing what unites Christians and rejecting all of our divisions....more

Bride To Be

So in just about one year I will be getting married, 8-13-11. I have had a lot on my mind lately regarding this, which is probably something every soon to be bride goes through. I have been thinking a lot about what the bible says about marriage, and how we are suppose to live a biblical and spiritual marriage, I have also been researching the biblical term of submission and what that means to submit ourselves to our husbands. A good friend of mine, who is a minister told myself and my fiance to read this bible verse and then determine what it means to each of us individually....more