Freedom Freedom, ultimately is what drives us all.  We are approaching it from many different angles.  Some paths look disguised. The steps we take to find our infinity....more

Should I Be Getting Use To This? ...more

How Hollow Can One Be?  Are there degrees of hollowness?  Next homework assignment.  How hollow can one be?...more

Ancient healing tradition of naming and listening

“The Wise Woman tradition is the oldest tradition on our planet. It focuses on healing through nourishing. It is symbolized by a spiral, the ever-changing movement of life and health. In the Wise Woman tradition, health is defined as flexibility. We build health by nourishing the unique individual in all of her or his wholeness. The foundations of nourishment are simple ritual, compassionate listening, and simple whole foods and herbs.” – Michelle Royce ...more

A very true story...

The other day, I had an idea. Reading up on folklore, came across psychic readings. So, I decided to google it and see what came up in the Laredo, Texas area. No lie, because clearly I couldn't make up this converstion not even if I tried.Phone rings 4 times.Psychic lady: Hello?Me: Where am I calling?Psychic Lady: (serious and in a low voice) why, who are you looking for?Me: I'm just calling to see if you do any readings? Weather its by phone or in person and how much!Psychic Lady: Yes I do. Its 40 dollars and you'd have to come in person....more

The Truth Sets Me Free!

During Oprah's 2nd Lifeclass, various people were shown in clips from past shows as they revealed a truth about themselves and their lives. The show's byline was "The Truth will set you free."As I watched,  I realized this is really what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about!  On the outside, it's about people and corporations and the misuse of funds, yet the bottom line is "No more secrets!"When I think back over the past couple of decades and the scandals of various types - they were all secrets that had been revealed.  ...more

SEXual Problems For The Christians

 In a recent Christian Counseling quarterly publication I receive every single article discussed sexual problems. This really confirmed that the problems of this nature are definitely prevalent within the Christian Community. Many shy away from discussing issues that are of a sexual nature. It is quite evident that a plethora of the problems we are experiencing are rooted in improper sexual misconduct....more

One Tasking As the Bridge ...more

What Does It Take To Be a Strong Woman ?

  There are many excellent examples in the Bible of godly women who were accomplished. The women of the Bible are strong and quite diverse. There are many women in various roles to be admired. Eve; the wife of Adam was the first woman. She was taken out of Adam to be alongside of him as his partner....more

Seeing to Doing With the Help from a SAT Guru ...more