US Lutherans affirm gay/lesbian clergy and allow blessings of same sex unions

The Lutherans did it! ...more

This really is big news, as the Lutherans are the largest protestant group in the US. It may ...more

rain, rain. don't go away.



Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you like poetry and short stories, because I have lots of them to share with you. Some are funny, some are crazy, others give advice on life and it's hurdles, but most are filled with LOVE because I love writing love poems! Enjoy! ...more

Be Happy and Content!!!


American Ramdan Day Four: Calendars and Sacrifice

So I made it through yesterday, barely. And I only have 25 more days to go. At least I thought I did. Another calendar I picked up at the store showed 30 days not the 29 days that I am observing. ...more

Daily Devotions:


American Ramadan Day Three: 29 Days of Fasting, Jesus and New Year

I cheated today on three sips of water. I couldn’t talk with my mouth and throat that dry. ...more


Okay--so I’m freaking out a little.  After reading about some symptoms yesterday, I decided to take a pregnancy test today.  There was a faint (very faint) line.  I’ve never had a faint line.  Never.  It is still so early, but I think I might actually be pregnant this time. ...more

More Life Coach Types You Can Learn From (For Free)

I don’t know about you, but that little cache of advice from last week’s Life Coaches – score! It was like finding a treasure chest full of good-for-your-soul booty. So without further ado, let’s dive right into this week’s helpful collection, shall we? ...more

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American Ramadan Day Two: 29 Days of Fasting, Jesus and New Year

Day one is under my belt. I did great until about 4 p.m. My husband and I went to Ikea to kill some time and to browse for ideas. But by the time we started for home I hit a wall so to speak. ...more

Pastor's Wife Puzzle

I'm not the stereotypical pastor's wife. That is, for those who stereotype.  We pastor's wives know there is no typical pastor's wife.  In fact, I don't care for the title at all! The puzzle: I love pastoring people, seeing lives changed, the positive atmosphere created in church services that lift peoples hearts for another week.  But I don't like being thought of as someone's wife or being introduced as "this is our pastor's wife".  I have a NAME for pete's sake!  Do you know anything about ME?  or just that I'm married to the pastor?!  ...more