When I see me in you, then I am compassionate with and me. I breathe in relief from suffering for you and breath out peace and healing. Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Dear Mom, You Gave Me A Voice

How do loss and grief become a blessing? I’ve said before that writing is how I heal. And never is the weight of grief more lifted than when I’m writing letters to my mom. Dear Mom, ...more
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As My Marriage Fell Apart, So Did My House

It was the strangest thing - as my marriage deteriorated, things around the house began to break in rapid succession. It was as if the negative energy swirling through the space affected the inanimate objects as well as the animate.First it was the dishwasher. I opened it one morning and miscellaneous parts fell out at my feet. Then it was my car. For about a day it flashed an inexplainable warning light at me, and refused to switch into overdrive. The hinges in the kitchen cabinets began to snap, leaving the doors unable to close....more

Radical Gratefulness as a Spiritual Practice

Radical Gratitude as a Spiritual PracticeIt’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful. – Jesuit Priest...more

How Can You Ask Me That?

Journey with me for a sec .Knelt down, you tighten your shoelaces. The early morning wind carries faint traces of the sun’s warmth over your arms. You tuck that loose strand of hair back into your ponytail, take a deep breath, and rise to your feet.The bleachers stand before you. Tall. Glistening in the sunlight. Ready to be tackled.Ear buds in, game face on, you rock on the balls of you feet, inhale, and go for it! One stair. Two. You lift your knees, steady your breaths. The higher you climb, the greater the burn, but you keep pushing....more

Day One: You Are Extraordinary

Day One.You are extraordinary.I am talking to you.  I want to talk with you as if we are sitting  in your home.  Two women communicating  with open minds and hearts.  Let us have a  conversation about the extraordinary two women that God created, you and me....more


May we each have the courage to delve deeply so that we may grow in our capacity to practice compassion. Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Don't Let Your Parents Screw Up Your Relationship with God

 “Don't believe in miracles -- depend on them.” -  Laurence J. Peter ...more

Release Resistance from your life to set you free to succeed!

It took me along time to realize that resistance was holding me back from success, from achieving my goals and desires. Not anyone but me. Hard to face at first except that I think I always knew that I was the biggest reason that I was falling short of my desires. I was making it hard for me to move forward just because I didn't see how powerful I could be if I just let resistance go! Once I accepted this truth it was easy to move forward eliminating my old ways of resistance by making a few changes.  The first step on the path to no resistance was to let go of blame!...more