I Won't Judge Jennifer

 *Warning: This is not a normal, Andee, happy-clappy, feel good post....more

miracles & mercy

A week ago I was standing alone in the empty dining room of our church, trying not to think too hard about all the life changes going on around us, about all the turmoil that is far from healed in our family and in our church community. I started flipping through a Bible someone had left on one of the round tables there. My thumbs fanned the gold-trimmed tissue pages and stopped for no particular reason at Psalm 136. My eyes caught a few verses and then a few more, and the rhythm mesmerized me....more

This: A love letter

This Is not another love story It is a letter of love From me to myselfThis Does not make me selfish It does have the potential To be a love affair I don't mind having For I have always been, Always will be,The only one for meThis Is long overdue No one can, no one will Love me Unless it is meLove you more....more

You are MINE and I Am Yours

Personal weakness and  failure crushed my spirit.  After years of striving  for more of His Presence, ego and pride had shattered.  I  was exhausted and defeated.  SUDDENLY,   breaking through the clammer of mundane, mindless duties,  unexpected words pop into my mind, seemingly out of nowhere. "You are Mine" but even more startling " I am yours"....more

The Power of Impossibility

If you think about all of the times in your life that you were down, crushed, broken or hopeless, there is always a strain, grain or thread of impossibility.  Even when you force your hurt or beat up self to be practical, problem solving or option seeking, impossibility eventually strikes your potential plan and you are back to square one.  Like a deer in headlights, you stop when you come against impossibility.  There are circumstances in this life where change feels impossible....more

Do You Know How Positive & Empowering Women Think?

 1. She is self-assured, patient, and understands her worth. 2. She is positive and speaks her empowering truths with wisdom and with kindness. 3. She trusts her choices and understands mistakes help her to learn, grow and become stronger. 4. She forgives, because she knows that holding grudges holds her back. 5. She sees her dreams clearly and walks a positive and self-assured path to make them a reality....more

WOW= Words of Wisdom in 7 Quick Takes

After discovering over 20,000 pins on one incredibly rich and varied board on Pinterset yesterday, I have spent hours extricating the best images. So it makes sense to present 7 collections of my best finds in 7 quick takes, everything from icons, great art to wonderful words of wisdom.1stunning icons...more

Look at Us – Grace Looks So Good on Us!

God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Gen 1:26). We are made in God’s image. His work was finished with a personal touch. Grace looks so good on us!...more

Insecurity and Doubt

Have you ever had a moment where you quickly judged a stranger and immediately found yourself not liking them? You have no basis for this, but you tend to quickly judge someone for their fashion, or lack there of. Or quickly call someone a jerk because they cut you off in traffic. Maybe this person was at the park with their kids and let their child steal a toy from yours. Do you find yourself judging the "unlovable?"...more

Is Your Faith Real, or Just a Facade?

It is ever important to live in genuine faith...to roll up your sleeves and get behind it...to deeply live it....to not allow yourself to live the smoke and mirrors life that I had lived for so long. http://wisdomgraceandchickens....more