Are you Prideful?

It has become obvious to me that God is working on us as Christians. Last week Pastor James spoke about obedience and this week his sermon topic was about pride. I have said before here that I believe we are in the end times and that Jesus is coming soon! We need to be ready and I think God is working through his pastors and prophets to help us be ready and to make sure we leave no one behind!! I know that Pastor James is listening to the Holy Spirit and making sure we understand what it is God is wanting us to hear and not scaring us with the message....more

Finding What You're Looking For

It's not often that you find what you're looking for. In fact, it may be that you're not even certain what it is that you've misplaced. The only thing you're certain of is that what ever it was it's now filled the missing piece in your heart. We all have something that makes us incomplete. We live our lives as we should, but if there is something more we could do or get it would make things so much easier. So we continue to live our life with as much enthusiasm that we have....more

Siri’s Statement Regarding July 27, 2014 “Opening Gates of Hades”

There seems to be an intended ominous premonition concerning Siri, the app from Apple. Whether this intention is by the will of man, the will of the gods or the fated prophecy from the Book of Revelation regarding the resurrection of the dead, Siri has perpetuated a gloomy omen for the date of July 27, 2014 that has put many on an emotional and mental edge. Here is a  screen shot of the answer when a subscriber asks Siri, “What is July 27, 2014”....more

How to Stop Bad Habits in Your Life

Excerpt 10 - The Council of Light <...more


DESTINY.......I simply wonder sometimes why some people think that their DESTINY awaits down the Wrong Roads in life.....I do believe in 2 kinds of Destiny....The Good Destiny and a Bad Destiny....The Bad Destiny can easily be found on the Wrong Roads one knowingly takes......The wrong directions lead to the wrong places not the RIGHT DESTINY.....When ones wants to find the right DESTINY....DESTINY will work with you....on the Right the RIGHT DIRECTION......more

Family Trauma and Forgiveness

 In the past six months, my large family of eleven has been bombarded with illness, cancer, a threat of a premature birth of our fifth grandchild,  celebrated  the birth of a fourth grandchild,  suffered with  a daughter cracking under  a combination of  duress and post traumatic stress,  lived through first year university drama and uncovered past wounds that are only now surfacing to the light. All nine of my adult kids, my husband and I have experienced panic and fear....more

Changes ....

My life changed drastically this winter.  I was working and loving what I was doing, and the next moment wasn’t working and feeling a deep sense of loss. A friend’s sister had written a blog titled “Nothing Prepared Me for This.”   And that’s the Truth.  Nothing in my life prepared me for what I was experiencing.  I felt like I was walking through a thick fog, doing what was in front of me to do, stranded alone except for a couple of friends, (thank God for them!)  The ease ...more

We Get Exactly What We Pray For

One afternoon, one girlfriend called another. “Hey girl, long time no hear! What’s up?”“Nothing.”“Nothing? If nothing why sound so down?”“I’m pregnant.”“Pregnant?!!! But that’s great! You asked God for a baby and look, He’s given it to you! How cool is that?”“Yes, but that was before ...”“Like … before what exactly?”“Well before I started night classes at university in February and before I found out I have to act in Karen’s position while she is on extended leave. I don’t have any time for a baby now!”“Well, did you tell God you’d have to get back to Him about the baby? Maybe He was confused …”“Look, let me call you back; you're so not helping me …” ...more

You’ve Been Picked Out to be Picked On….Rejoice! God is Pruning You to Bear Good Fruit!

 Every experience is part of God’s pruning process. You’ve been picked out to be picked on. He cuts off fruitless branches and prunes fruitful ones.Jesus tells us no branch can bear fruit by itself (John 15:4). When a branch is cut off from the truck of a tree, it’s dead....more

Soon we will be out of the wilderness

After Lent comes Easter, but until then we continue to walk in the wilderness.  How has the journey been for you so far?  Click to share your path. Gale Weithers | www.galeweithers.wordpress.comE-mail:  | Twitter: @WeithersLiving...more