8 Hot Hanukkah Gift Ideas to Make Your Latkes Melt

The Maccabees fought against oppression and won their religious freedom, culminating into what we know as Hanukkah.  More than 2000 years later, the modern day world rejoices, yet wages its own war against paying retail prices during this, our high season.  With enough selection to make your head spin like an out of control dreidel, try this chosen gift guide to make your Hanukkah shopping less painful than sitting next to your great aunt Fritzie during the holidays.  These hot items could make even Bubbe’s bacon latke poppers look tepid.  ...more

Lessons From Olives Part 1

Do I get proper nourishment? I'm talking spiritual nourishment here.Where do you get this wholesom,e encouraging,  soul-nourishing manna?Come over and visit me on my blog...http://suchalifeasthis.blogspot.com/I've been studying olives! "You have made known to me the paths of life; you will make me full of joy with your presence." Acts 2:28...more

Chanukkah is Not the Jewish Christmas

There are a lot of things I like about Chanukkah -- having friends and family over, lighting the candles, and gambling with m&ms and a dreidel (sorry, I hate fried foods, so latkes and sufganiyot don't make the list). But what ruins the holiday for me is the Christmasization and commercialization of it simply due to its proximity to that other winter holiday. ...more
leahmsilverman I love that you are including other holidays with your children!  What a great ...more

Advent: The Christian Journey of the Soul to Bethlehem

Take time this Advent to mark your journey. Spend a few moments thinking about your year, and what your soul may bring to Bethlehem. Look around and see who might need your help getting to their personal Bethlehem. Or, who might help you to get there. ...more

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The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) February 24, 2010 -- Alan

Hello, Maria. I got your letter, it was nice and inspirational. Thank you so much. Everything you talked about I could relate to. I was born and raised a Catholic, but somewhere along the way I gave it up. I'm just your basic Christian. ...more

Blooming Humans

I subscribe to several kind of "woo-woo" emails. I live in Taos, remember? We're like that here. I guess I'm sort of like that anywhere I go, but it's more encouraged here than in a lot of places. This morning I was greeted by several inspired emails that were all saying more or less the same thing, and all tied in, at least loosely, with my Hoop Dreams post from yesterday. It seems that nurturing our dreams is a popular theme these days. Well, you know me. I'm all for that!...more



How wonderful to know we are all syncing this way as we are creating ...more

Awake, Awake (Early morning with God)

Awake, Awake. Early morning stillness wraps itself around creation. The break of day gently spills over the roof tops and trees. One by one the birds come awake - as they sing their morning song to me. Soon The stillness, song and light have filled my heart. ...more

“Some days I think I know the Truth and feel I am guided from Above. But at other times I feel ...more