Finding a Dogma-Free Balance as an Adult Child of Alcoholics

Summary: I'm an adult child of alcoholics, and I see how this affects my life as an adult wanting to have children.  But, it seems the standard "treatment" for this is 12 step, which is a litlte tricky for me, as I am an atheist.  What's someone like me supposed to do to get past something that happened a long time ago?...more

Stepping Out

Many of us will stay in our safe environments to avoid fear and worry.   When you back off from experiencing something challenging – it will temporarily relieve the anxiety and discomfort.  However, I want you to seriously consider the price you pay when you back away from life’s challenges.  Not only will it impact your self-esteem and confidence – you will feel a sense of powerlessness, frustration and unfulfillment.  You sabotage your chance at change, success and happiness....more

British Medical Journal Study on Retroactive Prayer/Intention - What Might This Mean?

The Christmas 2001 issue of The British Medical Journal published a study whose conclusion stunned many, including it's author....more

Why God said, "No"

When my team got to Kenya 23 years ago there was a large cistern full of rainwater that we used for our drinking and cooking needs. The tank collected rain, we treated the rainwater and were then able to use that water. Pretty simple concept. The only tricky part was it had to rain in order for the cycle to continue. But it didn’t rain. Not once. Not one little raindrop. And we ran out of water. So we did what any good group of Christians would do: we prayed....more

Stress & the Mind, Body, Life Connection

 Nothing happens in a vacuum; there is connection at every level. Every act impacts someone or something else. This is true within our bodies too. Cellular biologist and epigenetics pioneer, Bruce Lipton, has beautifully presented the science behind the connection between our beliefs and our physical health....more

Part Two: The Cult Years


Unfortunately, I can completely understand the concept of, "colossally colorectal ...more

Galatians 3 (The Message)

Galatians 3 (The Message) Galatians 3Trust in Christ, Not the Law 1 You crazy Galatians! Did someone put a hex on you? Have you taken leave of your senses? Something crazy has happened, for it's obvious that you no longer have the crucified Jesus in clear focus in your lives. His sacrifice on the cross was certainly set before you clearly enough....more

Druids: a Holy Female Sisterhood

Female Druids also known as dryads (Greek) or oak nymphs were oracular priestesses, each with her own personal tree spirit. Dryads were also known as priestesses of Artemis, whose souls dwelt in trees. Dryads could also assume the shapes of serpents and were called Hamadryads or Amadryades. Dryadism and druidism (Scottish) were two phases of the same religion, restricted to a female priesthood in the earlier, matriarchal stage, but later open to male priests as well. Irish churches were originally known by the old druidic name of dairtech, or “oak-house,” a sacred grove....more

Ethical Dilemma: Criminal Shopping?

Well, you should try it. No one ever has to know. A bunch of us do it every once in a while. And if you don't get too greedy, no one ever has to know. Is it wrong? Well, in the pure sense, sure -- but it isn't right that we have to work these insane hours either, and other jobs are not so easy to find these days. Besides, everyone hedges their expense reports somehow. ...more

I once worked with my good friend at a hotel where she was a sales and travel manager. She would ...more

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Shariah, and Democracy

I started this post wondering: how did this man go from being considered an exemplar of moderate Islam commissioned by the Bush and Obama administrations as a good will ambassador to Muslim nations, to being painted as a stalking horse for Hamas, Iran and global jihad with a stealth plan to impose Islamic law on the United States? While I found answers to those questions, I became more interested in understanding his ideas, and their implications for engagement between Muslims and Western societies....more
Thanks for this insightful article. Personally I also liked ...more