Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

I've told this story a thousand times, in smaller circles, mostly family, friends and Facebook. However I've never told this story in as big a forum as my blog, but the story needs to be told....more

What Is Social Justice?

Social Justice is love. It is loving people right where they are and encouraging them to have a better future. Jesus neverdiscriminated against any race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, etc. In fact, he gravitated towards the ones who were different from him. He sought them out, met them where they were, and he worked miracles....more

Book Review: The Relationship Project

It's been awhile since I've done an Off the Shelf book review for Beacon Hill Press.  Today I am happy to be sharing The Relationship Project by Bill Strom with you.  As always, my views are my own, and the only compensation I received was the book itself!...more

Practicing the Art of Giving

Giving can take practice. Most of us want to be able to give freely but when the time arrives to actually reach into our pockets and to give of our own money, set aside time on our calendar to give of our time, or reach inside and give of ourselves, giving can be hard.   ...more

The ancient church of Saint Alfege, Greenwich

Come and visit the ancient Church of Saint Alfege founded in Greenwich in the eleventh century on the site of his brutal martyrdom by the marauding Vikings. Now on the pilgrims' route from Southwark to Canterbury, this ancient church is where King Henry VIII was brought as a babe in arms within a few days of his birth to be baptised back in 1491....more

My Toddler Escaped Sunday School...Three Times

     Anyone who knows me probably knows that I don't let hardly anyone watch my kids.  It wasn't always this way.  I stopped letting my son go to Sunday school when he escaped the room three times in one Sunday.  I stopped letting other people watch him because I knew I couldn't trust anyone else with his safety except myself and his dad.  This probably sounds crazy, but after a few incidents that could have easily killed him, I'll take my chances with being called crazy....more

Correlation Between Happiness & Success

When one pursues an unconventional goal or career path, one has to develop not just a filter that turns blatant rejection into constructive criticism, but also an unwavering sense of optimism and faith, bordering on crazy fundamentalist. One has to believe whole-heartedly in the purpose of every day’s endeavors, unpredicted encounters are signs from the universe that one is on the right path, and opportunities to accomplish the elusive goal, proof that miracles exist. Actors, dancers, writers and freelancers, I am certain can relate....more

When Prayer Doesn't Come Naturally

Maybe prayer comes naturally to some people, but for me it has been such a learning and growing process. I didn’t grow up sharing my heart and emotions. On the contrary, I pretty much had to bottle them all. Since emotional and relational honesty and intimacy weren’t areas I was very comfortable with, it took a long time to feel comfortable praying. At first, I didn't know how to pray or if God really even wanted to hear from me. I would try to pray, get frustrated, and give up because I felt like I wasn't doing it right....more