Gathering Your Thoughts

There are so many things happening in your life that you scarcely have time to breathe, but taking one breathe at a time moves you forward. It's not that you don't know where you're headed, you're just wondering if you'll ever get there. Life has a way of getting in the way and slowing you down. But life is what you need to get a clearer perspective. Pausing for a moment to gather your thoughts helps you to appreciate what the universe is offering you at this time....more

Happy, Friday, the 13th! 13 Ways to Keep Love In Motion!!!

13 Ways to Keep Love in Motion!!!  1. Love yourself first allowing that love grow, blossom and spill over to others. 2. Better your best through loving, learning and laughing....more

Breaking the Rules

I stepped out of the grocery store and watched a sporty black car zip down the parking aisle the wrong way. I could feel my neck tense in anger and irritation. The nerve of that car. What is wrong with the driver?Then the black car stopped, paused, and backed into the parking space. My irritation rose.I continued to my car, stashed my groceries, and headed home, all the while thinking about the situation. Why was I so angry?The answer that popped into my head: The driver broke the rules....more

Just Turn the Key and Open the Door

Change.  We all want to change....more

Finding My Spiritual Center

I wonder sometimes why people feel they need to travel to the ends of the earth to “find” themselves or their spiritual center.  Why do they find an ashram in India to be more enlightening than their backyard or kitchen window? I’m not judging because I believe we all have different paths to wander, but I do question if sometimes we miss what is right in front of us....more

Live free, presently by saying goodbye to your negative story!

Oh those lingering nagging stories that we make up about ourselves that just won't go away no matter how we try to let go. We just want to hold on like a baby holds on to their security blanket or favorite stuffed animal.  Why can't we let go....more

The Sanctity of Stars

"I can predict the movement of heavenly bodies but I cannot predict the madness of men."Isaac NewtonIn Musanze, when the power goes out on a clear night, the Milky Way become visible spreading itself out across the south western sky blanketing the whole of Rwanda underneath a veil of stars.Here in East Africa along its Eastern edge I question why it is that physicists attempt to understand distant galaxies while I am still struggling to understand why things happen the way they do on this small, obscure piece of real estate called Earth....more

The Empty Boat


I Believe...

 hereI ...more

Even When You're Prepared

I thought I was prepared.It wasn’t the first time I’d ridden on the back of Dave’s motorcycle. I knew I’d get off the hard-as-a-rock seat and walk around for a few minutes, looking like I’d just dismounted a horse saddle. I expected it to a take a while for my feet to lose that vibration feel and my hearing to resume its full capacity. I anticipated the slight strangling feeling of the wind gripped around my neck.No big deal. For a forty-five minute drive, a sixty mile to the gallon tank is well worth the price of a little discomfort. Right?...more