I hate coveting, I am so so so good at it!

 The other day I was on one of my sanity saving walks. As I walked along this amazing neighborhood and looked at all the spectacular houses I found myself getting pretty bitter.“What do all these people do for a living?”...more

Home from another semester in Africa

We are back from another semester teaching in a Tanzanian seminary in East Africa. No way to do blog posts from there. I taught Bible and American History, Life and Culture. Wonderful, eager students. I preached in villages and went to a village parish most Sundays. I loved it. The color, the drumming and dancing in worship, the people.  I encouraged twelve step recovery for a family member of an alcoholic. It is good to be one of a very few white people in an African culture. Changes the dynamic of race. Eternal summer. Africa rules!...more

Never Mind the Hamilton

 I find joy giving a person a hand up. So for an entire year, every year I would put ten spot in envelope and send it a random address. Sorry I don't recall the year. It doesn't matter....more

2015.. The year to be intentional!

As we enter 2015 we all like to look back over the previous year. Sometimes we like what we see in the rearview. However, often times we spend days making goals and plans on how to make the New Year better. We even resolve to make resolutions, but if we are honest with ourselves most of the time by Jan 30th our resolutions are yet again something that we will cringe as we gaze upon the previous year and see a lot of disappointment, failure, regret, etc.  If resolutions are your thing then by all means make them and stick with them....more

When The Dead Take Turns to Say Hello

 Our next door neighbor passed away yesterday. Julia made it to the very old age of 95.  She almost made it to the century.  I carry some fond and other not so fond memories of her (you know the ones related to when your growing up kind of thing).Yet, the memory I will always carry is that she was the one who came over to my house to press my wedding dress.  Since she didn’t have daughters of her own  my mom let her press my dress and arrange it beautifully on my bed so a wedding picture could be taken....more

New Year, New Soul… and Sharing the Light…


My life in a Lotus Flower

  Just recently I learned something new that I should have known many years ago, the the name for Lotus in Thai is บัว, pronounced "bua"....more

Don't give your power away by focusing on anyone but you!

We believe that we want to live our dream life, our best life, receiving all our life's desires. Then we  sabotage ourselves by not focusing our attention on what we want but on what others have and are doing; wanting to be someone we are not! Basically giving our power which lives in our focus to other s, not keeping our own power. We get caught up in wanting to be like so and so, or wanting the life of another person. You are setting yourself up for failure since you can only be you, no one else! Why limit yourself with another person's dream, set you free with your dream....more

Everything in Moderation, Even Moderation

Given that it is the beginning of the New Year and the store aisles are featuring weights and scales and exercise videos and the collective consciousness is rife with excessive resolutions about moderation, I thought it would be a good time to contemplate bot...more

Set your 2015 Intention to live presently your best life each and everyday!

So many times we feel that we can just take it easy, let things slide, do it tomorrow, not realizing that tomorrow never comes, we only have today. Don't wait for tomorrow to follow your dreams, don't set imaginary dates in the future for when "it" will happen. "It' will never happen in the future, "it" will only happen today. Make the focus of your life living in the today, the present. That is the only time that is real. The past is gone, the future never ever comes, we only have today to live our best life! ...more