Hobby Lobby Should Have Lost

I'm pissed. I'm not calm. I'm not relaxed. My arguments are reasoned, my points are true, but I am incensed and there's going to be sarcasm ahead....more

For the love of God

But for the love of God who keeps the mind when the cares of this world just blows it. But for the love of God who is the Lamp unto my feet when I cannot see what is in front of me. But for the love of God who pumps this here heart and breaths life into me when it seems as if the cares of life is trying to bury me. But for the love of the Almighty God who turns things around and makes ways when one blink before, there was not a way out. But for the love of God who continues to pour in what is given out day in and day out....more

Do Mommy Bloggers Matter?

“…First, let me just clarify: I have nothing against mothers… “by Alex Mouravskiyhttp://stuntandgimmicks.com/do-mommy-bloggers-matter/ ...more

Hobby Lobby is Right

With the very recent Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case has come an uproar, an outrage over the result.  But these folks are in an uproar in large part over misinformation.  All the outcry, Facebooks posts, and news stories are screaming loud and long that Hobby Lobby has refused to pay for any and all female contraception.  Untrue....more
Contraception choices belong to a woman and her doctor. Period. No one can impose his/her ...more

This Precious Life

“The thing is that this life is so precious and mysterious,I don’t know what to say about it most of the time.Words are like birds, passing through the trackless sky....more

Storms Will Come, Rain Doesn’t Last Forever. Praise God No Matter the Season!

To walk on water, you have to first get out the boat. God is able. All other ground is sinking sand. On Christ, the solid rock, stand!Pick your battles today. You have a choice. To give in to the enemy and let him have his way or let God have His way. God has the final say....more
Amen! You're welcome. To God be the glory. Isn't He awesome and amazing. God is our everything. ...more