Get Inspired

Do you ever get inspired by people?  I do.  I gather these little gifts of inspiration that are passed to me all of the time.  I hold them in my heart.  The inspiration feels like it was made for me and travels into my heart like it has a key to the chest holding my dearest treasures. ...more

Choose To Be Healed. Choose To Be Happy. Wait on God. Your Breakthrough is Coming!

Good morning! Cancel every assignment. Let victory in our voices be heard. Tell every manner of sickness and disease by his stripes we’re healed. Rejoice!...more

Yes we all have choices! Don't give up that power!

How many times have you said or you heard someone else say, I had no choice. I didn't want to do blank but there was nothing I could do about it. That is not the truth, in life we all have choices, the problem arises when we don't like the choices that we have so be decide to be passive aggressive defaulting to doing nothing which is based on fear.  Letting go of fear frees us to see all our choices allowing us to make the best choice at that time for us. Yes for us. Remember only you can decide what is best for you, don't give away your power of choice to anyone else....more

He Is In the Peaks and Valleys.

Not Me, But We.

Sometimes we can do the IMPOSSIBLE, even in 4 inch heels

Recently, I visited this amazing patisserie, where there were pair after pair of these spectacularly gorgeous shoes made of sugar and chocolate on display in a case...right next to little cakes that looked like Chanel handbags! The shoes were not only beautiful but were stilettos, a heel I haven't dared wear in ages. Certainly not since I broke my ankle a few years ago....more
Deb, I just HAD to write and thank you for your words. They reminded me of the SECOND reason I ...more

Divided We Stand!!!

I’ve had about, enough of Religious Leader’s jargon that is rammed down your throats. It comes a time, in life to know if your “alliance” is for your Religionist beliefs or really for the Word of God.If, you have no idea, what “Faith” really is, and have never been taught or believe, what faith can do, then your religion is the only thing that you can really rely on.  Let’s first, look at the word Religion, it means “under the Control of”, almost the same as under the influence of....more

A Christian Girl Walks into a Bat Mitzvah...

  No, it's not a joke with a punchline. I was recently invited to share in a friend's Bat Mitzvah....more