National Day of Prayer - May 7, 2015

Every year on the first Thursday of May is the National Day of Prayer.  It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman, its purpose to invite people of all faiths to pray for the nation.  ...more


how do you define connection?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


I remember when I was pastoring how once a month we would pour libations. When I water the plants, which I should do more often, I think about my parents and many of their relatives who went before them. I also think about my foster parents and my birth parents, who I have no memories of and honor them....more

Lift Up Your Heads, Yea Mighty Gates

We hope that the words of this hymn and the original photography with help to lift your spirits this Sunday afternoon.Lift up your Heads, Yea Mighty GatesClick here to visit this post ...more

Why wouldn't you want to go to heaven?

Why wouldn't you want to go to heaven? It is described as a place where you will experience the most abundant amount of peace, joy, and love that anyone could ever imagine. It just doesn't make sense to me that people aren't lining up to be saved.  There are many choices that people make in life, yet this one is often saved for desperate times.  It should really be one of the first important decisions that we make growing up....more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

The Minute You Become a Christian, Act Like One. Don’t Be So Religious Only to Fail at Being Religious Because You Lack Being Sp

I’m just a messenger. When God speaks, I listen. I would rather do what God says and have him be pleased at me than to do what others say and have them be mad at me....more

St. Mark's Rosary Makers Ministry to distribute rosaries for 2015 Marian Congress

Susan Claire-Wild, St, Mark Rosary Maker Ministry coordinator, with the group ...more


What are you going to do today to create connections? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Stormy Strength

 Texas in April and May can be a time of temperamental weather. These storms may bring torrential rains, blustering winds, pelting hail, or in worst cases tornadoes. Safety during such storms is paramount. If we happen to be out in the storm, often cannot see clearly at the height of the storm. Sometimes, our vision remains blurred in the aftermath as we focus only on the destruction, damage, and debris. Healing begins in the cleanup and rebuilding phase. Moving forward does not happen overnight, but must happen for survival. ...more