Pope’s Resignation: A New Catholic Weighs In

As someone who spent the majority of her life as non-Catholic, Elizabeth - now an ardent Catholic - has a unique take on Pope Benedict's resignation:I have to say, I’m very impressed. It is supremely rare to find a man freely willing to relinquish such a powerful position. Above all other considerations, I see a beautiful, exquisite humility in the Pope’s decision. I have to say, it is the kind of humility I rarely saw in all my years as a Protestant.... ...more

What NOT to Say to Spiritual Abuse Victims

When someone has been betrayed by a church or spiritual leader, they are in a unique place of pain and thoughtless words can only make it worse. When in doubt, just listen:1. "Your bad experience prevents you from seeing this PRESENT circumstance/church/pastor objectively." This implies a survivor’s instincts and insights are are invalid. Here’s the thing: maybe our abusive experiences aren’t The Rule but they do provide insight into how abuse happens and how it is propagated....more
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I Went for a Pedicure and Got a Cross-Cultural Experience

[Editor's Note: While I love mani-pedis as much as the next girl, sometimes the experience brings up uncomfortable ethnic and socio-economic disparities that make the experience Not. Relaxing. At. All. So I was touched by Sabrina's efforts to bridge linguistic and cultural differences to explain to her Muslim practices to a Korean nail tech. How's that for a spa day? --Grace]...more

The Conflict Between Church and Divorce

One of the greatest obstacles to divorce that faces some people is the often perceived and real conflicts between divorce and their faith community. Some people are unable to resolve the conflict and choose to stay in both their marriage and their faith community. Others choose to end their marriage and while their faith guides them through divorce, they find another faith community that is more accepting. Others, like my present guest, RMJ stay in their faith community but may ...more
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Woman to Woman: On Giving Marital Advice

A Christian woman writes about her approach to advising friends on their marriage, when asked:...more
Good advice..there is nothing more comforting and relieving then venting to a friend but when ...more

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

A Christian woman ponders Halloween while offering tips from her own family for spiritual navigation. This post also includes several helpful links to other blogs on this topic:...more
Have you seen the webshow with Tim Lucas from Liquid Church in NJ? Here is a link to a episode ...more

As Good as It Gets: Signing a Two Book Publishing Deal

I touched the thick white paper with my finger tips, let my eyes rest on the first page for a long while, the address in New York, the Big 6 name, the whole thing. This is as good as it gets, my wonderful agent tells me, and she’s right, so I savoured. ...more

It's Ramadan 2012!

[Editor's Note: Ramadan began at sundown on Thursday. In case you're not familiar with it, the holiday marks the time that Muslims believe God sent revelation from the Qu'ran to Mohammed. For modern-day Muslims, it's a time of fasting and self-reflection. Sabrina Enayatulla writes about her personal journey on Slice of Lemon. I’m super excited and super nervous about Ramadan this year. I set some of the biggest Ramadan goals I’ve ever set for myself and I’ve been mentally walking through this month for weeks now....more

Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement is a Slap in the Face to Black Conservatives

[Editor's Note: President Obama's announcement to support gay marriage has a lot of implications among black voters, especially among the religious community which has historically shied away from backing gay rights. BlogHer LaShaun Williams of The L Factor feels the President has turned his back on African American voters in the process. Read on to see why. --Grace] ...more
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Christian Republican, Jewish Democat... BFFs

[Editor's Note: Do you have friends who think like you, politically and religiously? A lot of people do. But Neely Stoller writes about her friendship with another blogger -- Ashley from Ashley's Carnival Ride -- who happens to have different beliefs about politics and religion. She tells us why being friends with people who are different is not only possible, but wonderful. --Grace] Ashley is a Christian Republican. I am a Jewish Democrat...but lets be real....Liberal. Yes we are best friends....more
Hello there, Neely! Is that so unusual? I can't think of anyone, I mean ANYONE, who maintains ...more