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The Death of a Dream: I Spent the Weekend With An Old Boyfriend

So began the weekend I'd anticipated for decades, or more recently, the seven months it took to lose a lot of weight and learn to talk in an inside voice again. The weekend I'd see Tony, my boyfriend from 40 years ago who I'd never forgotten and in whose memory I'd woven a strangled web of nostalgia, sexual fantasy and just the eensiest smidgen of middle-aged desperation. And in which he was entangled, at best from affection and desire, at worst from the fear he'd wake up one morning to find me in his driveway with a suitcase and a cat....more
A fantasy marred or concluded. Still, though the memories will live on. It's a sweet story.more

8 Things Women Wish They'd Known Before Getting Married

 I wish I had known.......more

Sexual Healing: My Journey to Fat Acceptance

I finally see myself.            When I was about 14, I was slim and fit, but curvy—except I wasn’t. Like being light-skinned, I just imagined I was. At the time, I was 5’7” and hovered somewhere around 220 lbs. I was used to it; I’ve been fat most of my 27 years of life. However, I have been disconnected from that fat—a part of my body—for most of my life as well....more
It is a complicated issue. We do statistically tend to have higher positive body image, but 1) ...more

Who Am I? A Look at the Victims of Domestic Violence

Who am I? I am your mother, your daughter, your sister, your co-worker, your neighbor and your friend.  I am your nurse, your hair stylist, your chiropractor and your son’s piano teacher.  I am the lady in line next to you at the grocery store.  I am the woman sitting beside you Sunday morning at church.  And I am a victim of domestic violence....more

Jian Ghomeshi Is Fired Because He Says A Woman Lied About Him: An Example of Rape Culture?

Canadian radio generally isn’t a big thing in other parts of the world, but here in Toronto, former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is kind of a big deal. He’s well known and well liked, for his views, for his interviews, and for his personality. Today, a decision came down from CBC firing Ghomeshi after he had tweeted that he was going to take some personal time off. The decision appeared to come out of nowhere, and I for one was a bit shocked....more
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts.more

Loving Someone Who Deploys Isn't Easy, But Definitely Worth It

My boyfriend’s job requires that he leaves me, much like a deployment within the military would. He is former military and has been hardwired for the excitement that this lifestyle and type of work brings to the table. The work he does now is very similar to the work he did in the military and includes all of the same risks. People who work within his field are in danger. The job requires years of experience and specialized training—only a small niche of men meet these requirements....more
I'm really in ur shoes. Even i love my husband's passion towards his job and even I do believe I ...more

I'd Rather Be Home Alone, Listening to My Radio

I’m dating my radio. OK, don’t get judgy. And before you picture me in my New York City apartment, sitting endlessly in my jammies, singing “All By Myself” into a hairbrush-cum-microphone, surrounded by ten cats, let me first say that I’m still kind of a babe and, frankly, men dig me. Done. But in a city such as this, where people are strange when you’re a stranger, you long for a connection. However, there’s a genuine difference between being alone and feeling lonely. ...more

I'm Your Girlfriend, Not Your 'Bro'

I've been reading a book called Gone Girl for the past week and just finished it yesterday. One of the things I see repeatedly in the chapters is the phrase, "the cool girl" (e.g. "He wanted me to be the cool girl" or "She's the cool girl type")....more
I watch porn with my boyfriend. I enjoy it. I know he watches it in his spare time, and ...more

Falling In Love Again After Divorce

After getting divorced many years ago, I never dreamed of getting married a second time. I had a household of three children who were all under the age of ten. Being a single parent is a very hard job and having a relationship just complicates things. I am one of those women that you would call a "soccer mom". I have my children in private schools, music, sports, and just regular old family time. Back then, we would leave home at 6 am every morning and most nights get home after 7 pm. After 7 pm there was no time to do anything but have dinner, take baths, and go to bed....more
Congratulation and I am happy that you find love online.more

10 Surprising Turn Ons

It seems like every week there's a new study out claiming to boost your libido. Some of them make sense, but a lot of them are flat out bizarre. We rounded up 10 of the strangest sex boosters, in case you were looking for a new way to get in the mood....more