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You can’t always get what you want. And that’s not a bad thing.

Life is quite funny.By God’s grace, D recently found a new career opportunity in NY. What this means is that after six years of what was supposed to be a year of living in New Jersey, I’m heading back to Brooklyn and taking this Jersey Boy with me. His friends think I’m elated. I’m happy, but it is bittersweet....more


If you are anything like you me you didn’t exactly get a formal education on how to save money. I would see my mom stretch her weekly allowance my dad provided her as far as she possibly could and squeeze in as many fun things for us as possible. Never did she say to me that we can’t go out to lunch or go see a movie because she had to put her money away. It was basically a spend it until its gone mentality....more

Love at First Look? I Don't Think So

I don't believe you can spot someone across a crowded room and, based on looks alone, recognize him or her as your future partner. Maybe in the "good old days"—or in any number of rom-coms—but not anymore. People seem to have become awfully complicated. Nancynance via Flickr...more

Top 5 Affordable Wedding Reception Ideas

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to keep it simple and as affordable as possible. We did not have a lot of money at the time, but we still wanted to do something that was unique and elegant.Our venue, the Carlsbad Public Library, was free and came with complimentary photography. We were even featured in the city’s monthly newsletter! We had our guests take pictures during the wedding, which my cousin officiated. Everything was definitely affordable, and I found some cute DIY reception ideas from various sites online....more

5 Reasons Single Moms Shouldn't Date Dudes Without Kids 

There are valid reasons why dating a Dude Without Kids (DWK) is the most awesome thing ever. But before you start shacking up with a DWK of your own, you might want to check out these words of wisdom. ...more

Which Wedding Mementos Should you Keep?

Our wedding was one of the best days of my life (DUH!) but we don’t have a lot of space so I had to be choosy about what mementos I kept and the things I threw out. I wasn’t sure if I would give away my dress because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have any mementos, but when I realized after the wedding ALL of the wonderful things I have as mementos it was such an easy decision to donate my wedding dress.Here are the 5 things I decided to keep:...more

Top 5 Reasons We Birth Out of State

1. In our state, having a home birth is difficult to come by. LPMs/CPMs are not allowed to legally practice. (Here's where you can check the laws in your state.)2. Following my body in pregnancy and birth is paramount to have the most natural/normal birth I can.3. We believe in the right to choose and not be pushed or fear-mongered into interventions or unnecessary testing/procedures. I also don't have much patience in "defending" or "explaining" our choices and decisions with doubtful health care providers....more

Have You Heard about these Couples’ Apps?

You probably use all kinds of different apps every day, but did you know that there are apps out there that have been created specifically for couples? These apps offer all kinds of uses, from solving arguments to getting great deals on movie passes for two. Here are some of our top picks for couples’ apps....more

For My Friend Who Knows It's Time

 When you tell me that he belittles you and the children - it's time. When you t...more

Does He Think You're Trustworthy?

When it comes to sharing vulnerability, it’s wise to take time to test whether the other person is worthy of hearing our stories and to assess our own level of safety and comfort in sharing sensitive material. We want to trust that the other person isn’t going to deny and minimize our pain, or alternatively, over focus on our problem in an unhelpful way. We don’t want to be put down, pitied, or gossiped about, nor do we want sensitive information used against us. ...more