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Oh, GAWD... Am I One of THOSE Girls?

I took another subbing gig with my 4th graders this week.This time, instead of teaching math and science (Which was brutal, by the way because I am neither mathematically nor scientifically-minded, and trying to teach some of the math concepts to these kids was… well… awkwaaaaard. Good thing I could distract them with my brilliant humor, and encourage them to “work together”. That always comes in handy…) I get to teach language arts, health, and social studies, which I’m much more suited to....more
Good luck! I'm sure you're doing great! www.wifeyBB.blogspot.commore

The cost of family planning

Well-meaning friends and family members always have questions. When you start dating someone for a while, they want to know when you are getting married. When you get married, they want to know when you are going to have a baby. When you have a baby, they want to know if you are going to have another baby. (And, if several years go by, they really want to know if you are going to have another baby. If you hedge at all, they are happy to remind you that you should do it now.)...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm in my late 40s and feeling very unhopeful about my future love life.

Dear Dr. RomanceI am in a terrible funk over a failed relationship that lasted 2 years and I thought would lead to marriage. We met online and now I'm afraid if I go online again, he will see my profile and/or I will see his. I took this breakup so hard, the thought of that happening just makes me cringe. I understand one can block certain online names, but if he has changed his how will I know? Also, can you give me any tips on getting over this? I'm in my late 40s and feeling very unhopeful about my future love life....more

Getting Out of Your Way

And Then There Were Two.

Now we’re at the beginning of my one and only POF summer o’ love which is so irritating because who doesn’t look better dating tanned, flip flopped and tiny dressed? Hello. I was hanging out with B and having FUN for the first time since I went on the fucking site, literally, but oc my profile was still up and I was still active. OC. And that’s when Daniel messaged me. ...more

So You Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Wife (SAHW) / No Kids (SAHWNK)

 (Husband proofed and husband approved! *grin*)Let me say Congratulations!...more

Women, Claim Your Orgasms!

A wise woman once said that an orgasm is not something she has (As in “I just had an amazing orgasm!”), rather it is something she takes – which makes a lot of sense to me. Having an orgasm is my responsibility, not that of my partner! Goodness knows I have faked a fair few of them in my life, I am not proud to say. In fact I had been sexually active for nearly ten years before I shared my first orgasm with someone else, my husband (then boyfriend). Previously it was something I could only achieve on my own and for years I thought I was defective somehow....more

My Worst Date Ever!

Flipping through the radio stations in my car, I came across a morning-show DJ taking calls about people's worst dates.  I chuckled at some of the ridiculous scenarios and reminisced about my own wacky worst date, which in my case, had a silver lining....more