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What do you do when your main motivation takes a break? Breaks away, steps out, pushes you out? A huge problem right now is that I'm living for someone else. The trend started with Becca, when I turned my life around because I couldn't stand the idea of hurting my baby. I couldn't be that person. Then Soph. For a small time, I believed it had really, finally, become about me. I cared about myself, I liked myself, I LOVED myself. I didn't want to be anyone else-I was enough. ...more


    Hummmm having time for my own thoughts around here I wonder did I make the right choice when I started to date Robert; I could have made a thing with Austin or even Vince at that time. Vince and I well the fact since I have known him since high school that we didn’t want to ruin our friendship. My brother didn’t like Austin which influence my decision on dating him....more



Well lets cut to the chase-he's MARRIED!! There I said it. My story matches a lot of them, they just dont admit them. I am not wanting, needing and looking for help!! It all started 8 yrs ago when I was going through a divorce, I met the one?? He told me he also was going through a divorce. I brought him into my kids and my life and we fell quickly in love. We have had our ups and downs, and lately all he focuses on is the downs. I found out he wasnt going through a divorce and still stayed as he promissed one day we would be married!...more

Everything you said makes so much sence! It is so hard to do and so easy to know what you have ...more

Talking To a Friend

    Talking to a good friend of mine Dave tonight and we were talking about relationship’s since he is in one with this women and her daughter, he found out her roommate is another male. Which is now awkward since the guy now just told her she has to move out since he secretively loves her, so Dave is now wondering that “what if” it’s more of a situation? I just told him do you like her and she likes you just go for it enjoy life you only live once, but put up walls....more

Walk with the Dogs Robert and I

Today a new thing in our relationship--------Friendship he broke up with me back in June and we have passed e-mails back and forth like we are in school trying to keep in touch with one another well I guess more like me I can’t seem to let him go. Even though some of those e-mails seem to say the wrong thing or we both took them the wrong way. I told him words hurt when written in the wrong content though may be they were written in the right content for him to me?...more

Relationship between Robert and I

  Of course we made up but that night was a bad night due to the green eye monster “JEALOUSY”. I have never thought in million years that I would get that way, I mean other boyfriends and my friends I never got jealous like I did that night! Hmmm but we did finally got over that jump in our life to the next big hurdle Valentine’s Day!...more

Still more on Relationship with Robert

  So we officially are calling us boyfriend and girlfriend on our hike up at Emerald Valley October 1, 2008. Funny thing when we went to Bishops Castle he wanted to kiss me but I ruin it by my fear for heights he told me on are walk....more

About Relationships

I'm no love guru here and I had my fair share of loser boyfriends. This is not a new Sex in the City blog or The Ugly Truth and He's Just Not in To You. Heck I have seen those movies and I have read articles in magazines to try to find "The One". Been on bad dates, blind dates, church functions and websites to find love with the fact I don’t have the money to pay for relationship site. Were does one start about relationships do we turn to the dictionary or even the Bible for answers what about are own families? Well my family was not perfect for from that and twice removed....more

It Gets Better: How to Fight Homophobia

At dinner last night, TW and I were happily reading our Twitter streams and surfing our feeds when we both noticed the great news out of our former home state of Florida. The ban on gay adoptions has been ruled unconstitutional and Governor Crist says Florida will immediately stop the ban on gay adoptions. ...more

Wow, that's a gorgeous family. I knew you had kids, but SIX of them? WOW. As you know, I had two ...more