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Oh, Heart (a poem)

Dear readers, I wrote this poem "Oh, Heart" this morning and am opting to post it here in its entirety, unedited. I don't know if it's done or not. I hope you enjoy it and please remember I am a CREATIVE writer. That's all I'll say. Enjoy! :) LOh, heartthat I can be content, grateful and appreciativefor lifefor breath, for love and yet crave so much morecraving sounds primitivebanalsick sounds like more would never be enough but it would be.It would be.To wake up in the safearms of my beloved...more

So, like, then why are you single?

Ahh.... the age old question. Nothing gives me hives more than when someone, after asking for my opinion on their dating situation, asks why I am still single. I want to meet the woman or man that first asked someone this. WHY is it any of YOUR business why I am still single? You came to ME for the advice, so clearly you thought I had some sort of knowledge you'd benefit from me dropping on you?...more

Segment 3: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory I was staring out at the short café window that opened up over the sink in the kitchen instead of paying attention to what my dad was reading in the news section about the seminaries who were making a difference in Cape town, South Africa. My mother was slowly spooning up small piles of corn watching me. If she noticed anything different about me she hadn’t said anything and so I scooped up more peas from the side of my plate and didn’t think anything of it....more

wms with lovely tapas

We had a great time yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of what was destined to be a dull Saturday. As I've told you before, I am a winter type of person and when summer arrives, I get a little more bitter than usual (I know I'm weird), especially because we live 350 km away from the nearest beach - not that I love going to the beach, but it is definitely the most effective way of putting up with our Spanish summer....more

"One more thing..."

I received word today that a friend's 31-year-old husband was killed in a car accident - hit by a driver going the wrong way on the highway.A former student of mine had a respiratory infection and died shortly after  - she was 25.Another friend went in for a routine surgical procedure.  The surgeon discovered she had cancer, and it had metastasized....more

Examples of Powerful Clitoral Vibrators - Video Presentation

The clitoris is the most sensitive of the female erogenous zones.  Some females are unable to have an orgasm with vaginal stimulation, for example, with intercourse alone.  Yet, individuals who are unable to have an orgasm with vaginal stimulation are able to achieve an orgasm with clitoral stimulation.  The clitoris can be stimulated using your fingers, or with a vibrator.  Some women, such as myself, have experienced some of the most amazing, intense orgasms using a vibrator on her clitoris.  ...more

What's a 15 letter word for a thing that will ruin your life?

P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N Bad habits are hard to break.  I’ve got a bunch of them and they are seriously annoying the shit out of me. Rather, I’m extremely annoyed with myself....more

You can't ever have too many friends.

So, I totally have a new girlfriend!...more

I long to have sweet friendships like you speak of! How fortunate you are. Hold them close to ...more

FSBO and other abbreviations

This real estate market totally sucks. That statement is from my point of view as a Seller.  From a Buyer's point of view, this real estate market is pure gold (if you have a job and can qualify for a mortgage.)  We've had our house actively for sale since January 2010. Actively is the magic word, because it's really been longer than that.  We need to sell, otherwise we wouldn't even be trying right now....more