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Mr.Handyman Can You Help My Marriage?

Wouldn't more marriages be saved if we all could afford a handyman?

Renew Now

  How can you spend more time doing what you love? What do you love enough to build your life around? Is the expression of your purpose a regular part of your life?...more

Naughty By Nature


Online dating: 12 Warning signs that he or she is up to no good

If you are new to internet dating, know someone who is internet dating or have just gotten a little relaxed and have been missing some of the signs he or she is a BUSTER this article is for you.Internet dating can be a blast.  It's a great way to meet people you wouldn't normally come into contact with in your normal circles.  How ever you choose to date watch out for the signs that he or she is a scam artist!Here are a few things to watch out for on your dating adventures:...more

Why every woman needs a man with calloused hands

Once I dated this guy and I asked him to show me his hands.  He was confused by my actions but still he honored my request.  After looking at his hands carefully we proceeded with the date....more

Autonomous People Make The Best Lovers

  The moment narcissistic and emotionally clouded, Jerry Maguire uttered the words, “You complete me,” women and men swooned at the notion that love and self were fully realized when two fated-lovers decided they couldn’t live without each other.  Though before the human head weighed eight pounds, both fiction and real life idolized this concept. The act of abandoning ourselves to another feels so powerful that, for centuries, we have mistaken this experience as the most desirable form of love. However, this love is inevitably unsustainable,personal humanity needs growth and no growth can occur in the shadow of another.   ...more

I Know What I Would Change...

If there was one thing I could change about myself, I know exactly what it would be.  I would be able to fight.  I could be that person that you see in the movies who gets angry and articulately says everything they need to say, and the other person hears them and realizes the errors of their ways, and begs for forgiveness.  I would ooze confidence....more

How Posing for Sexy Photos Changed My Life

What do you get the spouse who has everything? I could have gotten him a new pair of jeans. The boys did get him a bait container for their fishing expeditions. I considered some kind of firefighter gift, but that didn't seem to have the wow factor I was going for this year. So I decided to strip down to my skivvies and let someone photograph me. Stay with me. ...more

DAYUM, girl, but you are hawt! I love this idea and, you know what? My husband, Garth [not his ...more

The Art of Kegel

Last summer, Holly*, a single, colleague of mine, told me about going to see a love coach who gave her the following Hot Man Magnet exercise.  Holly was told that if she spotted a man she found attractive, she should make eye contact, smile wide and then Kegel, Kegel, Kegel.  Apparently, the hot guy would find himself inexplicably magnetized in her direction.  It hadn't worked yet but Holly had faith and her pelvic wall was definitely getting tighter.  ...more

How To Conjure What You Wish to Create: Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a fairy tale about the Law of Attraction and making your dreams come true.  It’s an imperfect fairy tale, and one whose ending is uncertain, but I wanted to point out what I think is a flaw in Law of Attraction philosophies like The Secret....more