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In the name of Divorce... Part two... Moving on.

Cont…. So as previously mentioned I was going through complete insanity… There was a few other incidents… somehow I went from being concerned about ever being touched again… to trying to keep people from touching me… I was broken.....more


Sometimes I think this blog is getting too serious. Today’s thought was to write a positive post. Then I began to think about how readers who are holier-than-thou about divorce will react to positive statements about divorce. After all, there are far too many people who believe that divorce is completely unnecessary and who go straight for your jugular should you have another opinion....more

Spring Into Sexual Health

Learning about your sexuality as a young woman is always perplexing. During my teen years, we were in an era of discretion, prissiness, and feminine mystique.There was no erotica, pleasure information or candid talks.Women gave their teen girls a "package" upon their pubescent transitioning. It contained these HUGE, horrific HORSE pads that you had to pin into your underwear. I recall staring blankly, as I pulled out pamphlets that had archaic illustrations. VERY overwhelming for someone who really had no pubic hairs yet....more

Damn Right I Believe In Botox

The problem with getting Botox only on your forehead and between your eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, is that it makes every other part of your face look like crap. It accentuates any elasticity challenged areas, because of the collagen deficiency, and that bitch of all bitches, gravity. However, my forehead looks AMAZING. I had my dermatologist (upper east side doc all the way baby) hit me with a few extra shots on the forehead. I've had lines there since I was twelve. No joke. I'm pretty sure it's from all of the faces that I used to (and still) make. ...more

Getting Boring

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Getting Boring I'm going to try and not write anything about Daddy, hips, or construction on this post.  It is getting boring, even for me, so I choose to write about something else.  Here we go...hmmm, well, this may be hard as that is all my life has been lately. Oh, B&B are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary!  ...more


When relationships end it's important for both parties to have closure.  While this isn't exactly breaking news when you've been seeing someone for quite some time and then call it quits, remember that closure is also important after just one or two dates.  Read more Rachael R. Lorenz She Should have It

Oh the things I did in the name of Divorce

There was a very significant difference between the first time he left and the second time… The first time, I must have known we were going to attempt to make things work, I did fill out the divorce papers about three months into the separation, but I made no attempt to file them, and never told him that I had filled them out… We did some counseling, we made a lot of promises (more him than I) They were broken (Again, he had the most important ones to keep, and broke them within six months of being back home)… Things were never good again, and many times I have wondered if it would have jus...more

Watching a Relationship Blossom Online - tmi?

Have you had the pleasure of watching a relationship blossom online via social media (facebook)? I can't help but be totally annoyed by the over-sharing going on.  Let me explain:...more

too much. But in person it does. Interestingly, I think it is a tone and knowing the person that ...more

Couples Who Make You Want to Puke

You know who they are: the couples that make you want to puke. I confess, I'm half of one. And we work hard to be this nauseating. I mean, really, who wants to go around holding hands all the time? The effort involved in all this damn smiling — you wouldn’t want to take it on, I promise. ...more
You are so welcome -- let me know how it goes. Start small, work your way up :) @SlumberStephmore


After a night away from the kids with my husband Ken, I woke up the other morning far from home with a sex hangover.  For those of you not familiar with this term, let me explain:Like in the same way one experiences the delayed aftereffects of drinking too much alcohol in a relatively short period of time; a woman can feel the delayed aftereffects of having too much sex in one night.  Most women experience this sex hangover in their early days of "doing it."  Like in college when our male partner's refractory period was more like 5 minutes instead ...more