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How to Date an English Gentleman

Lady Sabrina ...more

Too Tired for Sex?

Why does your husband get all sexy on the nights you’re most exhausted?...more

Does Money Make a Man More Attractive? Income Disparity in Love

"I married beneath me," Lady Nancy Astor once said. "All women do." It's been a century since the viscountess ditched her first husband, and by all indications, she was right. According to a Pew Research Center report, the number of married women making more money than their husbands has gone up to 22 percent from four percent in 1970. Intrigued by the figures, I brought up the topic with my girlfriends last night over dinner at Boa. ...more
@Deb Rox And you don't have to worry about them going all intellectual or philosophical on you, ...more

Eat, Drink and Remarry!

Wine rejuvenates the part of your brain that is involved in the artistic capabilities, in my case blogging, if it can be considered artistic in any way. After two glasses of alcohol, usually, I can be quite embarrassing but the good thing is that the listeners never remind me of that fact, they are pretty drunk themselves as well....more

I think I'm going to have to tell them that I have a headache

 In my ongoing quest to earn more income for my family I keep a profile on a popular freelancing site. Occasionally "buyers" looking for workers with my skill set will contact me to see if I'm interested in interviewing for their jobs. Earlier this week I was contacted by a buyer interested in finding women who would be willing to take a "female enhancement" product for a month and then write about it in 4 500 word blog entries. The product promises to increase female libido and enhance the sexual experience for the user through a completely safe 100% all natural herbal formula. I was seriously thinking of bidding on the job but then I started having second thoughts. ...more

The Secret to Being a Happy Dater

Why is it that when we date — even at 40, 50, or 60 — we can become an alien woman from planet WTF? If you’re anything like I was, it’s sometimes difficult to recognize yourself when you’re in the presence of a hot, nice, or simply available man....more

I cheated...and it was great.

There are lots of advantages to being in a committed relationship with someone you trust. They know what you want and how you like it. They know when it is time to change things up a bit. You feel comfortable and satisfied. But what happens when you have to go away for a while? Who will take care of your needs? This is exactly what I was contemplating as I made plans to head overseas to Berlin for 4 months. ...more

The last time I cheated on a stylist was the first time a new stylist ever made me cry. I ...more

Five Clitoral Vibrators That Generate the Power You Want at The Prices You Will Love

Clitoral vibrators can make a huge difference on your ability to achieve ana orgasm.  If you currently do not use a vibrator, you are probably using your fingers to stimulate the area.  Many women may find that when she masturbates, playing with your clitoris is more effective than vaginal stimulation.  Some women may also find that during intercourse, you prefer your partner to play with your clitoris to help you to achieve an orgasm.  ...more

Am good enough to be loved?

Well, after I had my son, I was severely depressed and needed help badly. I was not speaking to my family and felt like my life was totally not my own. My baby's father did the best he could to help, but has severe emotional problems himself. After about a year of fighting, he basically shut off emotionally from me. We lived togather, so the transition was hard. I decided to talk to a man that I had met. We chatted online and it helped so much to end the loneliness that I felt with my babys father. After a while we agreed to meet....more

Once upon a wedding...

Have you ever dreamed and dreamed about something so much that you almost feel like it actually happened? I mean really imagined each and every detail down to where sighs would be placed in conversations about it? I am a single, very independent woman who, one day, will put a ring on it and shop for china patterns. Now is not the time to skip down the aisle. Now is always the time, however, to plan it....more