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Adventures in Conception

I'm one day late and I'm constantly wondering if every grumble in my tummy is the start of cramps.  Still no early pregnancy symptoms and no PMS.  I sat on the couch last night discussing this evenings party with my husband and comtemplating the glass of wine I've so been craving.  In addition to the usual stress around the holidays, I'm dealing with alot more than usual at work.  So much so that it had me in tears two weeks earlier (I'm not one to show emotion at work).  Normally a nice glass of wine would be my perfered why of winding down after ...more

Thanks! Good luck to you too. While I really enjoy wine, I'm also a bit paranoid. A girl I ...more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) April 13, 2010 -- Alan

So here our letters start getting a little longer, therefore I'll be breaking them up into segments of two or three (down the road, even more). I have to say, it's so interesting going back and re-reading these. It feels like a lifetime ago. Not only that, but Alan seems to have grown and matured a thousand-fold since these early letters. On one hand, they seem a bit braggy. I have to chuckle, because this letter is so clearly full of self-promotion. But on the other hand, I have to say, he tells the truth. He tells it exactly like it is....more

Restraining (and regaining) Order

She sat next to me, in a white suit, slightly fuzzy, a striking contrast against her dark, brown skin and her dark hair pulled sleek, in a bun. She was large. I sort of wanted to crawl into her lap, which would have been entirely inappropriate, but was the clear extent of my emotional reasoning at the time....more

Just Gorgeous

I'm so thrilled for one of my readers/bloggers I like to read, Kiara, who got married a couple of weeks ago. Look at the beautiful sneak peek photos her photographer, Emma Case (who is totally one of my favorite wedding photographers now) posted:...more

That's What you Get When you Let Your Heart Win.

Q: I have an ex-boyfriend that is very bad person. He broke my heart in a very epic way, but we've recently just connected again. I know I shouldn't talk to him, but I can't help myself. What should I do? (Signed - "Not this Again", CA)...more

Women Stay

Women stay.  Not all women, of course, there are some who break away, who take off despite the risks, who take the first step in liberating themselves from a violent situation and bettering their lives.  But the fact remains that too many (even one is too many, but we're talking thousands, millions, of women) stay in abusive relationships.Many see no alternative, or the alternative they do see seems even worse than where they are.  Those who have children are in an even more precarious position.  They fear for their children's wellbeing, both while they remain in...more

How I know My Husband Loves me (still)....


Thinking About It vs. Doing It

Do you have a big "it" in life that you think about, dream about, talk about..., but you hesitate to really take the actions necessary to make the "it" a reality? After much research, planning, and thinking…I’ve decided to leap into a new path in life. Some people like blindly leaping into new aspects of their life. Some prefer to know a bit before they jump. And, some like to know everything there is to know and they either forget to jump or never get around to jumping....more


I hope you're business is going well, and the rewards of following your vision into ...more

Boy+Girl= Friend Zone

I have a Guy BF....more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) "We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming..." bring you all a message from Alan! So I was on the phone with him recently, telling him about The Painted Line and excitedly explaining that I got the first few letters up. I told him all about my little intro, and how I posted an "About Us" bio (that really didn't say anything specific). He was so thrilled! He wanted to write his own intro to this blog, and asked if I would post that for him. He really wanted our readers to get his perspective on this crazy story, and to hear his thoughts on "us" before I get too far into posting our letters....more