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More Insecurities

Gman has been wearing his ring. He tells me he loves me and that I’m just over reacting… it’s been known to happen.I know nothing could stop him if he really wanted to cheat - When we first started seeing each other, he was seeing two other women at the same time....more

The Bitter Black Woman's Association

I am 34. My mother is 53. My grandmother is 75. That is three different generations, three different eras, and three different mindsets. My grandmother comes from a “good wife” era where women were raised to be wives and mothers. Then again the men were raised to be heads of households that went to work every day to provide for their families…but I digress. I’m positive that my grandmother’s generation passed those lessons along to their daughters. They taught them to cook, tend to their homes, and take care of their men. ...more

From Date to Relationship in 5 Steps

Conventional rules of seduction decree that an object of interest must be made to wait. This doesn't work for three reasons: one, it wastes time; two, it runs counter to everything our bodies and hearts say we should do; and three, it has become cliche. If you want to build a relationship that lasts, you have to forge a strong bond. This is how. ...more

Anything Goes... almost!

Dating websites and merry-go-rounds have a lot in common. It all has to do with going around in circles, reaching for the gold ring and coming up empty handed, but having a ball in the process. Take yesterday for example, I woke up dateless. It’s spring in Florida and a spectacular day; breezy blue sky, windows wide open, Pandora playing all my favorite tunes, cleaning rag in hand and my computer purring. Can a computer purr, you may wonder. Well, mine did yesterday. I received email after email, brief correspondences with at least five men and wound up with two dates!...more

My Family Found out I Blog About Sex

The problem with not discussing sex is that it makes us into islands, alone in the task of learning about sexual health, preventing pregnancy, understanding the nature of your desires, and how to enjoy these and our bodies in a healthy way in the context of our relationships. Talking about sex matters and doing it on a blog opens up the audience. But what happens when your family finds out? ...more
I so appreciate this post!  I make theater about sexuality, and this line resonated with me ...more

Strong Arms

I've been watching reruns of Girlfriends and Sex and the City all weekend long and gleaming pearls of wisdom (in between chats with my own personal girlfriends).    In these episodes I can acknowledge something. ...more

She'll dump you in a blink of her eye

Often misunderstandings are at the root of breakups.  Communication breaks down, or, God forbid, you start to relax to the point where she feels taken for granted.  Read more  Rachael R. Lorenz She Should have It

Prelude to A Confrontation

Our relationship used to be a solid relationship. It was one that was well understood between us and outsiders. In every relationship there is a balance, and we balanced each other. She was always the rebellious one, while I was the one who could be counted on to always play by the rules. She was the dominant sister while I always placated her whims. While, technically, I am the older sibling, she always acted the part better than I. She was argumentative and always won just about every argument we ever had....more

Red Wrist Bracelets

I had this friend, a friend of a friend, something, and I shouldn't but I sat her in her chair and saw she couldn't get over something. She was trying to drink her orange juice, listening to the cars that were driving with their music up too loud next to her broken Plexiglas window, and starring at the Window’s Media Player for something good to finally play on XM radio, on Seattle KEXP....more

Hey You

Hey you, you know who you are Hey you, yes ME I found home (is inside) I learned how to smile ...more

The secret is to keep breathing and the only way to do that is knowing that everything gets ...more