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Why I Need Xbox in My Life

This girlfriend does not resent her boyfriend’s Xbox Halo love affair. I celebrate it. I revel in it. Why? Because Halo time is Me time. When Alex, my boyfriend, puts on his little headset, chatting happily away with his friends as they kill aliens or whatever, I smile to myself, gather up my laptop, a book, and a glass of water, and quietly disappear into the softness of my bed. Here I enjoy two or three hours of time to myself....more

Yay! I'm glad other women can make good use of Xbox time, too. I know too many people who get ...more

Writing Exercise—The Sex Scene, pt. II: A PassionsPath Blog

Is it “sex” or is it “porn”? How “hot” can your Romance be before it’s morphed into “erotica”?  The truth is… pretty darn hot. And maybe that’s true in life, too. (Thank goodness!)...more

a Note to you Little Sister...

...There's no need to rationalize a bad relationship. WTF - You want to be unhappy? Spare yourself the drama and find someone that is effortless. Dating should not be an endurance ...more

I agree with sassymonkey.

My husband and I have a great relationship. I won't lie or ...more

Naked Reader Book Club Meets Tomorrow Night—Topic: Vampire Erotica

Meet me on the Eden Fantasys Community Forum tomorrow night! From 7 p.m. to 11p.m. EST we will be talking about vampire erotica and having a great time! You can come early or leave late, whatever works for your schedule....more

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation of Self

Post first appeared on my blog:
When one person tries to make changes and the other one does not and they are in a relationship ...more

For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends....more

Save It For Marriage

I would love to know why teenage girls think it is cool to lose their virginities at younger and younger age, resulting in such an increased number of teenage pregnancies. I will be the first to admit, I am a teenage mother (becoming a mother at 19 years old) and I lost my virginity at 17.Young, but I suppose average.  And definitly not emotionally ready for it....more

Kindness V. Honesty: A PassionsPath Blog

Your good friend—Claire, let’s call her—is an actress. She fell in love with theater and acting in high school (where you fell in love with writing and music). Claire’s pursued acting as a profession with a focus and determination that can only be described as admirable. She’s taken risks—financial, social, professional (all sorts of “-ial”s—in order to achieve what we’d all call “a successful acting career.”  ...more

My relationship advice to newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Omigod! Who'd have thunk it? Pop tart Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand went out and got married! I guess my invitation got lost in the mail....more

Wow, just saw this comment today, so excuse me for not following up prior to now...

I ...more

Cat and mouse

Love it when you send me questions! Here’s a recent one.   Hello there, I hope you can help me,  ...more