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Late Night Girl Time Makes Divorce Bearable

Editor's Note: Almost every woman has that one friend she can call, no matter what she is going through, who will be there to give her exactly the kind of love and support she needs. I've been there, especially after my own divorce. This piece shows us that sometimes, all we need is to call a friend in the late hour to come over, have fun, and take our minds off of the hard times. -Feminista Jones Image: Racorn via Shutterstock ...more
excellent post. We need our girlfriends at the best of times, but during divorce? YES...cheersmore

Paying For Dates: Meaningful or Simply Traditional?

Editor's Note: We often expect that the invitee pays for the date, and when it comes to men and women dating, there is a lingering social expectation that men should do the asking. What does a man paying for the date mean, though? And if a woman pays for the date, does that mean something different? Are we to judge a man's interest by whether or not he pays for the date, as "tradition" might dictate? This is a great piece challenging the ideas that a man should always pay and that his paying means something emotionally significant. - Feminista Jones ...more
The man brings the money, the woman brings the girlmore

One Car, Two Parents, Three Kids

Editor's Note: I once didn't speak to my husband (then boyfriend) for two days over the two of us sharing a car. Having to add thirty minutes to each of my commutes to drive him to work and pick him up did not work for me (and I am pretty sure it still wouldn't). Later in life after our daughter was born, we ended up getting two carseats because it was so hard to predict which car would be which place at which time. It turns out there are a few secrets! -Rita...more
I'm at the same point right now though unfortunately I'm a little too attached to my car and ...more

Want To Strengthen Your Marriage? Try These 10 Tips!

Editor's Note: I was advised when very young to heed the lessons imparted upon me by my elders or those who have lived certain aspects of life before me. In this piece, one mother reflects on her own marriage as her daughter prepares to embark upon married life herself. There's great wisdom here! Enjoy and learn :) - Feminista Jones ...more
Walking the Camino de Santiago is an amazing journey.more

The Forgotten Photo

This is a beautiful piece about the endurance of love in relationships and how little mementos, like photographs, remind us of the best of times...the moments we need to remember and keep close to our hearts. ...more

When Divorce Breathes Life Into Your Marriage

Editor's Note: When you and your partner feel pressured into marriage, the chances of everything working out the way it is "supposed" to are slim. If the love is there, though, you can definitely make it work. It might just mean taking a non-traditional approach to strengthening your relationship. Read this honest piece about how divorcing breathed new life into one couple's marriage. ...more

Is Crossfit Better Than Dating?

Editor's Note: While I've not yet tried Crossfit, I'm a self-proclaimed gym rat. I make more time for being in the gym than I do for my social life. This blog caught my attention because sometimes, single women make certain sacrifices when time is limited. In her case, she talks about feeling compelled to balance her dedication to her health and fitness training with her dating life. Very interesting take on this unique dilemma. -Feminista Jones ...more

Marriage and Babies While Young: Why the Social Stigma?

There is quite the stigma attached to marrying young and even more attached to having kids young. If one sees a couple in their early twenties playing with a toddler at the park, one might assume certain things. Maybe they got pregnant and felt obliged to wed? Maybe they’re Mormon? I usually wonder if they’d like to be friends. ...more
I think the question about marriage and babies is more one of maturity and readiness than of ...more

Relationship Losing Its "Zing"? Try These Tips!

Editor's Note: Every relationship ebbs and flows and it is up to us to keep things fresh. After 14 years of marriage, 3 children, and a commitment to military service, Julie knows a bit about keeping her marriage to Martin fresh. Check out her tips if you're looking for creative ways to keep the fire going. -Feminista Jones  Image: C.P. Storm via Flickr  ...more

Getting Back To Us...And Our Marriage

Editor's Note: Relationships are often tested by necessary changes that ultimately work out for the best...most of the time. In this piece, a wife reflects on how her husband's work shift changed and forced them to make adjustments to keep the love flowing and mojo going. - Feminista Jones ...more