Poll: Are You a Phone Photographer?

I suck at photography -- always have. That is, I like other people's photography, and I'm even fine at editing other people's photos, but I never had any confidence in my own shots. I've always hated being handed a camera by tourists to take a quick snapshot of them in front of any number of San Francisco landmarks. So very many landmarks, and so very many tourists -- meaning so very, very many different cameras, with so very many buttons I didn't know how to push. Then everybody got a smartphone and that got easier. ...more
I use my canon digital rebel as well as my iphone, and can't imagine living without either one. ...more

Swept Under the Rug: Sexism in Computer Science

I think I lulled myself into a sense of security about being a woman in computer science –- I can handle the awkward guys, and the ones who think they know more than I do, simply because they’re guys, and I honestly thought that that was all there was to it. You get used to the comments and brush them off and prove them wrong and call it a day. I’ve even been trying to propagate that attitude in the women in my local WICS chapter, convinced that half of the problem is that women make too big of a deal about being a minority....more
Hey, Hang in there. I am a women in a physics department at a university. I completely ...more

Yes, We're a Gaming Family, but No, I'm Not a Lazy Parent

One thing that I'm not. A banner of games. I'll do as I see fit for my child. My son can play the games I allow. He must earn his play time. He only gets an hour at a time AND video game time does not supersede more important things like playing with his toys, outside time and/or playing with his sister. As soon as it does, it goes away. For him....more
@ahlmt Congratulations to your son!! Gamers do get a terrible rep that they are antisocial, have ...more

Sports Apps: Recovering From Major Sport Injuries

Sports and fitness apps are all the rage! Ever since Nike Fit came on the market, we have analyzed and tried out different devices and Apps. However, our athletic career came to a standstill when we almost severed our Achilles. Thank goodness our friends, family and physical therapist (pt) introduced us to some helpful Sports Apps that can spur recovery from major athletic injuries. ...more
Great post, love the idea of sharing with Moms of Athletes, help keep them healthy or from ...more

Announcing BlogHer '13 Keynote Speaker Sheryl Sandberg!

This morning we are so pleased to announce the Saturday morning Keynote at BlogHer '13 will be a one-on-one interview with Sheryl Sandberg. As COO of Facebook and the best-selling author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Forbes is stating the obvious including her on their just-released list of the most powerful women in the world. (#6 on the list, FYI.)...more
A powerful keynote and a great alliance for BlogHer. How can boomer women help with this initiative?more

What Changes at Flickr Mean to Your Account

Editor's Note: If you have a Flickr account you've probably noticed big changes there. But Flickr doesn't make it easy for you to figure out what that means to you if you have a Pro account. Here's a post from my blog Web Teacher that can help you figure out how to stay at that $25 a year level Pro account if that's what you need to do. -Virginia ...more

Why Digital Photo Storage Makes Sense for Users

It's the year of online storage. Dropbox became an overnight sensation. Google+ upped the ante tripling its online storage offering across all of its products. Yahoo gives Flickr a new face and a free terabyteof photo storage for all. With so many options to store our media online, what does this mean for users? ...more
I agree digital online storage is a must.  I've used it for years!more

Don’t Wait Until You’re Perfect

Editor's Note: AnnMarie and her team have been working on a game called Spirit Lake for some time. The decided to release it in a beta form that was less than perfect for several reasons. One of them was to make sure it actually got out into the world. As always with this blogger, her advice applies to a lot more than simply being a game designer. Check out her reasons for not waiting to be perfect. -Virginia ...more

Getting the Technology Right for the Penning of Punk

What happens when you're in a fictional world when the technology used it the story suddenly doesn't match up with the time period of the story? Throws you off, doesn't it? I'm a fan of the TV show Warehouse 13, which is full of wonderful steampunk gadgets and goodies. The folks at The Pen Punks write about the intersection of story telling and punk technology in this must read post: Know How to Use Your Tech. ...more
Love VonSlatt, love his blog and projects, which is where I was introduced to Ann & Jeff ...more

Word of Mouth Marketing on Pinterest

As you probably know by now Pinterest is a powerful visual marketing tool. Many marketers are taking advantage of the Pinterest Boards to showcase their products, specials and promotions. ...more