Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 7/20/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another...more

4 Outsourced Things That Can Help Your Business Run Smoother

Business runs much differently than it used to thanks to the ease of communication that the internet provides. This has also made outsourcing of work much easier as well. Outsourcing can help minimize the costs incurred by having to hire and train a new hire. It can also decrease stress of a small business owner who might have been concentrating on a field they are not an expert in. The following are 5 things that are commonly outsourced that can save money, time, and stress....more

Need a Media Kit? Try These 5 Easy Ideas!

Having a media kit for your blog is a handy way to keep your social media statistics and your portfolio all in one place. Potential clients will often ask for one....more

FREE Make your own WordPress Website From Scratch eBook

Have been thinking about building your own website? If so, you can download this handy Make your own WordPress Website From Scratch eBook for FREE! WordPress has demolished the barrier of entry for building websites, anyone (including beginners) with an Internet connection and some basic instructions can create a live website in a matter of minutes ....more

Time to tighten up Google Privacy Settings

There is good news for the tech-unsavvy out there: Google has made their privacy settings easier to work with. This day has not come a moment too soon. “My Account” is Google’s new dashboard....more

FREE Internet Marketing eBook

If you have been looking to further your business with the internet, check out this great freebie! Right now you can get this handy Internet Marketing eBook for FREE! This ebook will help you use Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marketing, and more! ...more

You are in trouble - go watch television

My son loves to travel. He likes car activities, gets excited about homemade trail mix and hotels are the best thing ever. Except for the television. He hates hotel television: Mommy never knows the channels, there are commercials and he can't request shows to watch. I tried telling him that hotel TV is the way all television used to be. He doesn't believe me, but I tell him anyway....more

I’m a stranger here myself

It was recently noted on our company twitter account that I’m out of town so often that I’ve come to resemble the Travelocity gnome in more than stature. I’ve been traveling on business for nearly my entire career. Despite the proliferation of Google hangouts, Skype, Webex, Go-to-Meeting, FaceTime and God knows how many other technological innovations, there are still a lot of situations that require me to head out of LAX to points north, south, east and west ....more

My Experience at Foundations of Digital Games 2015

During the last full week of June, I took a wonderful trip to Pacific Grove, California for Foundations of Digital Games 2015....more