Day 17 NaBloPo Mo; Reading Monday

Today is reading Monday!  Today I am reading other blogs, going to work, and hopefully finishing Goodness.  So I might be cruising the app the store too for a writing app geared towards creating print books for CreateSpace.  Man, I hope they aren't too expensive.  If you have a favorite I'm willing to hear it.Happy NaMo Everyone!Life is a crooked and varied path.  Get on it.

How to List an Item For Sale using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

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Day 16 NaBloPoMo; Tech Frustrations

Sandi from sappy as a tree took Photography 101 and after a few sessions said that she should look at each assignment individually as a new experience.  I told her that was a great idea and at least for me, it would be a new exercise in patience.  Normally, I would go into a project, thinking if I learned something from the first time or session, that I would expect less trouble and possibly less effort in the second, just because I had gained new knowledge....more

Feminist Lorem Ipsum

I saw Samuel L. Ipsum thanks to this tweet from Chris Carfi. I checked out the Samuel L ....more

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