A Springboard For Another Challenge?

It is no secret that when I made the Wonder Child challenge, I had the Apocalypse Challenge in mind already. In the original Apocalypse Challenge, you began with a new Young Adult sim in College who was able to spend their time there restriction-free and thus be built up before having to brave the harshness of life in an Apocalypse Challenge. The Sims 4 didn’t have that sort of mechanic yet ....more

How I Save Time With Evernote – Making Life Easier

There is one app that has been making a huge difference in my life lately, saving me time everyday that I can put to better use, such as chasing my three kids or thinking up a new post idea/series. Evernote has made my (blogging) life a heck of a lot easier. No more forgetting an idea, no more last pieces of paper ....more

FREE Social Media Marketing eBook

If you having been wanting to use social media to promote your business, check out this great freebie! Amazon has this handy Social Media Marketing eBook for FREE! Is your competition outranking you in search engines? ...more

Password Security vulnerable to Trickery

There’s only one entrance to the house: a steel door two feet thick. If someone from the outside touched the door—even with a battering ram—they’ll get an electric shock. No bad guys could get through, right?...more

Hacking Humans: How Cybercriminals Trick Their Victims

Intel Security has compiled a list of the top ways cybercriminals play with the minds of their targeted victims. And the chief way that the cybercriminals do this is via phishing scams—that are designed to take your money....more

Challenge Accepted! – An Interview With Lynnwood

Hello everyone, and welcome to another...more

Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests

It’s been said that there are over a million different apps for the smartphone. Well, however many may exist, know that not all of them are passing security tests with flying colors....more

Technology and Me, We Don't Get Along

I'm currently sitting on the sofa inside a hotel room of a small, cozy, not very state-of-the-art hotel in Pittsburgh. I've been here for eleven days, teaching in a graduate school program, and have two more days to go. I've just received a note slipped under my door stating that tomorrow the locks on all the hotel room doors will be switched over from old-fashioned keys to some newfangled contraption that will require a magnetic key card/thingie. Immediately, I call the hotel desk and ask if my room can be made exempt from this makeover until I check out....more

Five Things Every Black Woman in Tech Needs in a Support System

It’s already an uphill battle being “the one” or one of the very few, especially when you’re in the tech field. You spend almost every day trying to prove your abilities and education aren’t just a stroke of luck or the result of some Affirmative Action hire. Any input or response you provide is usually sifted over like a search for pearls in the sand, even if it’s the most obvious solution possible. If you happen to disagree with someone and hold your position, then you become the “Angry Black Woman.”...more
yet one more reason why i <3 our POTUS!more

5 Ways To Earn Money TODAY As A Blogger

Blogging is a great way to earn money...more