How Do I Write a Statistical Analysis Paper? Advice to Students

I get asked this question fairly often so I thought I would do a few posts on it. The most common problem is that a student who is new to statistics has no idea where to even start. These examples use SAS but you could use any package you like ....more

How to Use Ribbet to Edit Your Images + Exclusive Discount for TOTS Readers

There are so many great photo-editing programs available online these days. Most bloggers know about PicMonkey, Canva, Gimp, iPiccy, Pixlr, and of course Adobe’s Photoshop, but did you know about Ribbet? Ribbet was introduced to me in Amy Lynn Andrew’s...more

Time to check your Facebook Privacy settings

Did you know that, once again, Facebook has changed its privacy policies? At the top of the FB page is a lock icon. Click it for more privacy settings.What do visitors see? To view how visitors see your Facebook page, go to “Timeline and Tagging,” then hit “Review what other people see on your timeline/View As.”...more

FREE Launch Your Business eBook

Amazon has this handy Launch Your Business eBook for FREE! This is a great resource to help you live life on your own terms! Do you ever lie awake in bed on Sunday night, dreading another Monday at your job? ...more

A Secret for Successfully Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

How many online and offline marketing tactics are you using right now? How many campaigns do you have running currently and how many are in the works? It can become a muddled mess ....more

How Hackers use LinkedIn to Scam

Hackers love LinkedIn because it links them in—straight through the portal of the targeted company. Geez, how much easier could this be, what with all the publically-exposed e-mail addresses of key players (and also worker bees) in big companies that someone wants to hack....more

Brilliance in Advertising: Celebrity Appeal

We live in a day and age that celebrities, whether movie stars or professional athletes, have a god-like status among us ‘normal folks’ and the power of coercion runs high. That’s why they are making just as much, if not more money from filming commercials, wearing clothes or even driving cars of companies that will pay them to do so. Some of these products that are celebrity endorsed are everyday items that anyone can afford ....more

33% off Professional or Business Plans for 3 Months with WP Engine

If you are looking for a great company to host your website, check out this great deal! Right now you can get 33% off the Professional or Business Plans for the first 3 moths with WP Engine when you use promo code SAVEINMAY. Please keep in mind that you must be a new customer and the offer is valid until 5/31/15 ....more

Mini-Course 2015: Survey Results

Another May, another "Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls!" mini-course on the books....more

How Employers or Parents Spy

Disgruntled employees act out in lots of ways. A guy I knew who hated his boss “played” on his work computer all day. The computer was strictly for constructing company graphics. But he installed all kinds of games and wasted lots of time. His boss never knew he blew off half the day....more