Emergency Happy Bag #PrepWithPower

“This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.” When the power went out, back when I was a kid, it was a time of...more

The Worst Blogger Ever

I just discovered the hardest part of starting a blog:  explaining to your mother how to log onto that blog.  Oh wait.  I forgot that she doesn’t want her name mentioned so we’ll just call her Marjorie.  Let me give you a taste of what it was like trying to help Marjorie find BlogHer.    Marjorie:  I tried to find your blog but it wasn’t on Blog.com.Me:  That’s because I am on BlogHer.com not Blog.com...more
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Bankers on the Front lines of Cyber Defense

There was once a time when the only threat to a bank’s security was when that innocent-looking man hands a note to the bank teller that makes her face go ashen. And the only security, save for video surveillance, was the armed guards and the silent alarm that the teller triggers....more

Same room; different content

Last week, I was wondering how old my son will be when he gets his first smartphone. My husband and I still haven't decided the right age, but agree that it will be when he has reached the right balance of personal responsibility and social need. (We want him to understand the consequences of having the device, but don't want him to be the only member of his peer group without one.)...more

Success Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

Are you new in the business world? Do you have power to face the tough competitors both the male and female vendors? Certainly, you have; as technology has changed the way we used to think, act and react. Now, females are also stepping into the business world and certainly their creative ideas and innovative approach are a valuable addition to this industry.Although, in the beginning, females like male entrepreneurs can face some hurdles but with a thorough market research and usage of the right online business tools, they can take a good start....more

Don't Like that Facebook Tweaked Your News Feed? Tweak it Back.

If you need one more reason to freshen up your feed, a study just came out claiming that the things we see on our Facebook news feed rubs off on how we express ourselves (negative things on or feed influences negative posts and vice versa), so in our crazy world of stress, work and life the little things we can do to make our environments even a bit more more positive do make a difference. I'm Rosanna, and I am a Facebook addict. I check it about 74 times per day and sometimes I just wish I knew how to quit it altogether. I've spent the last few days learning how to hack, tweak, and manage my newsfeed so I get more of the things I actually care about, and less of the things I find annoying and unnecessary. ...more
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One Recipe Database To Rule Them All

Really, this search has been ongoing for several years. ...more

Why have a wrapper div?

Students may have a problem grasping is the need for a wrapper div. I frequently find myself explaining it numerous times until the message finally sinks in. The metaphor I’ll use today will be to compare a wrapper div to a fence ....more

Healthcare Firm pays Big Bucks for Breach

A data breach can slug below the belt and knock a healthcare business flat on its back, as was the case with Columbia University and the New York and Presbyterian Hospital....more

Text Mining Notes from Awesome Free Course from SAS (Yeah, you read that right)

Hot tip: If you are a professor, you have access to some major benefits from SAS. The main ones that jump to mind are: Free classes that are worth FAR more than you paid for them. Free software via SAS On-Demand ....more