Hacking 2015 and Beyond

2015 brings us no closer to putting the lid on hackers as any other year has. The crime of Criminal hacking will prove to be as big as ever in the new year. Here’s what we have to look forward too:Bank Card Breaches ...more

Top 5 Things You Should Care About From CES 2015

Well, CES 2015 is a wrap. Other than the two day recovery time from traveling from coast to coast, I truly had a BLAST!I'm still recovering from last week's event's, but I had a really good time. I even extended my flight to a later time so I could get to the show floor to see some items that I missed. Next year, I'll make sure to stay a bit longer. As I've had a week to reflect and test all the goodies I received while at CES, I decided to compile five things you should care about from the years show....more

Curious About Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat? Check Out Our Review!

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that our brand new sister site, The Road Less Pwned has a review of the Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat up! If you are unsure whether or not to buy the new game pack, check out our review to see what our honest opinion is! ...more

5 Home Security Myths

If you’ve decided to avoid getting a home security system, I’m banking that the reason is at least one of the myths described below. Check them out:“I have nothing valuable inside.” First of all, unless a burglar has X-ray vision, he’s going to have to break in to find out you have nothing valuable. He might be so pissed at this that he trashes the place before fleeing....more

Levana Stella Video Monitor: Safety at it’s finest. #DoMore

I recently had the opportunity to review the Stella Double Camera Video Monitor by Levana. At first I thought my children were fine and what we have done in the past had been working just fine. Boy was I wrong ....more

Grow Your Instagram

I was late in joining Instagram, only joining at the beginning of 2014. ...more

SSN and Its Afterlife

What’s one billion? That’s about the number of possible permutations of the Social Security number. Which begs the question: What happens to an SSN when someone kicks the bucket?Currently, SSN’s are never repeated when they’re issued by the Social Security Administration. As of June 2011, the SSA made the issuance entirely random (previously, for example, the first three numbers were determined by place of birth)....more

FREE Network Marketing Online eBook

Are you looking to recruit new representatives into your network marketing business? If so, check out this handy FREE Network Marketing Online eBook! It is a great way to get started! ...more

Descriptives, Details and Death

I think descriptive statistics are under-rated. One reason I like Leon Gordis’ Epidemiology book is that he agrees with me. He says that sometimes statistics pass the “inter-ocular test” ....more

CES 2015: And That's a Wrap!

I still recall the moment that I was invited to attend this year’s International CES®, opening the email on my iPhone while on a bus headed into downtown Vancouver....more