Top Ten Things I Would Do With an iPad if I Had One

First of all, I have to say I am totally turning in my geek card. What geek on earth would be caught dead here 5 months after a new product release with NO NEW PRODUCT? Not this geek. Er, the double negatives and meanings of those phrases are kind of killing me, so let’s move on to the list of the top ten things I would do with an iPad if I actually had one....more

it is an awesome app. So awesome that I didn't even mention taking notes during conference calls ...more

Is Blog Lurking Really So Wrong?

I lurk on blogs. There, I said it! I read content and don’t leave any thoughts, feedback, useful criticisms or provide new and interesting avenues of discussion. I eavesdrop on conversations and then sneak away, directing my friends to those posts which we then discuss on our own. I sometimes act upon knowledge gleaned and conclusions drawn from those preyed upon posts. I steal away with book suggestions, often running off to buy them and many more by the same author and others I encounter on my buying spree. ...more

This is a great point. Sometimes, I get to a post late and it already has a crazy amount of ...more

Have a child? Become a Fan of the Baby clothing company that raises funds for children’s charities with every sale.

Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. is a new brand of baby and toddler clothing with a twist. 50% of the proceeds from every sale goes to various children’s charities. How thoughtful is that? The more people know about their movement, the more funds they can raise. So please, take a second and become a Fan on Facebook by visiting their page and clicking the “Like” button. Further, you can suggest that your friends do the same....more

VideoEgg Buys Six Apart: What Does That Mean for Your TypePad Blog?

Today VideoEgg is expected to confirm that it has bought Six Apart, the parent company of the Movable Type, TypePad, and Vox blogging platforms. The two companies will lose their names and together will become SAY Media. According to Mashable, Chris Alden, the CEO of Six Apart will step down and Matt Sanchez, VideoEgg's CEO, will continue in that role for SAY Media. Meanwhile Mena Trott, an original co-founder of Six Apart, will be part of SAY Media's Board of Directors. ...more

I got not one but two e-mails from Say Media today assuring me that all would be ...more

The New Twitter

originally posted here:*before we even get started with this post, we have to give you an obligatory disclosure: Hailey works at a PR firm in the digital media department.. if you know where she works, great. if you don’t know where she works, even better. for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t really matter. ...more

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer announces fundraising partnership with Big Heart Baby.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, one of the largest childhood cancer non-profits, funds the lifesaving, collaborative research of the Children’s Oncology Group, the largest, cooperative pediatric cancer research organization in the world.  With more than 5,000 physicians, nurses, and other researchers at 230 hospitals in North America and around the world, this group treats 90% of children with cancer....more

Travel Reviews: What Do You Look for and What Do You Share?

My family travels as much as we can with our full schedule. While we have our favorite destinations, before we hit a new location, I do my research. By research, I mean that I Google it, hit various travel review sites and, of course, read blogs. In fact, I have a whole category for travel blogs on my RSS reader so I can live vicariously through the words and photos of other travelers. ...more

Warning: Twitter Security Flaw - UPDATED

Warnings are hitting the news that a JavaScript security flaw is being exploited on Twitter. This affects the browser based site at, but not freestanding Twitter apps such as TweetDeck or Seismic. ...more


BlogHer Community Manager
Life. ...more

Forums not for me?

Recently I have been forced to examine my online social networking habits. When I became pregnant with my first child, I felt so unsure, and lost. About to embark on a surprise journey into the great unknown, I read books, I searched online, and did what I do best. I googled. This brought me to an online forum, full of soon to be moms, just like me. ...more

First Week of Blogging: JL goes Vegan

Editor’s Note: this post is part of the current series of posts submitted by healthy living bloggers on, “What do you wish someone would have told you in your first week of blogging?” We are currently still accepting submissions, so if interested send your post in the body of an email with pictures attached (must be less than 2MB in size) to This post is brought to you by JL at JL goes Vegan....more