Quite App-ealing


Android Photographer

First, I wanted to say a big thank you to those that emailed me after my last post.  I am sad to hear that so many have to go through infertility, however I do think it is important that we share our stories for the sake of all those who think they are alone in this battle.  A supportive community can really help us get through those tough times. Now, this is a photography blog, isn’t it?  I think ...more

This Will Rock Your Socks...

Today, I happened onto an interview that MCP Actions posted on Facebook. In it, one of the photogs being interviewed mentioned that you can take a 50mm lens, turn it around backwards, and use it as a macro lens. Whika-WHAT?! My little fingers flew to Google as fast as possible, and lo and behold, it's true. There are several different methods/techniques to this madness, and while on the phone with Sprint tech support for several HOURS during Lizzy's nap, ...more

Google+ versus Facebook

The social experiment By Natalie · Aug 03 2011 I love social media. And I try to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. So I’ve gone through the ordeal of “circling” all of my friends, most of which are already on Facebook. I like the idea of having circles, especially since some conversations can be more “adult” and I have 15-year-old Facebook friends. So the idea of circling, and only messaging certain people appeals. However, being ...more

Want to create your own app? There is an app for that

    Want to make your own iPhone app, but don't know all the fancy computer codes? Well, there is an app for that. Thanks to several new apps, you can build an app without any training. Now creating an app is as easy as blogging. Social media "drives" the apps so you will need at least one of the following: an RSS feed, blog feed, Twitter feed, Flickr feed, or videos posted on YouTube to supply the content . ...more

One Less Maverick

Yes this is another post about Steve Jobs leaving Apple, but not quite either. This post may just possibly be about you. The announcement of Jobs stepping down as CEO was met with universal grief, akin to a death. Stock issues and Apple's future aside, majority lamented the end of an era marked, uniquely, by one man's ethos. One man. In a world where you learn to acquiesce to mediocrity for survival, and consensus and conformity are prized, Jobs ...more

Social media confounds me.

Or maybe I understand social media and people confound me. That's more likely. Remember the Mean Girl who dissed me, pointedly asking my friend - but not me - to accompany her to a gathering where "all the cute and fun girls" would be? She just asked to join my network on LinkedIn. You won't talk to me but you want me to help you find a job? Seriously? I also received a LinkedIn invite from a rather shy ...more

Post-Hurricane Irene Photos (updated!)

Jimmy and I lucked out with Hurricane Irene. We live on one of the higher points of town, and on an incline that causes water to zoom on past us. The one thing us Montclair folks always worry about in a storm, though, are trees falling. Big trees falling. A good friend of mine lost nearly everything (apartment and car) to a tree falling in a storm not too long ago, and we’ve experienced two tree-ripping microbursts in Montclair ...more

Blog Header - Lacey Linen

This is a new blog header that I created using a Lacey White Frame on top of Natural Linen! Make sure you click on the banner to bring up the largest size before saving to your computer, then just add your blog name and you are all set! (If you need instructions for adding your blog name, or for centering your header click Here, and you can find another tutorial HERE if you want to use some fancier fonts!) ...more