How To Stop the Screen Time Madness

I don't think any of us start off with the goal of allowing electronic devices to rule our lives. None of us intended to be texting when our son or daughter hit a home run or shot the winning basket. We all got here somehow. Now even the young kids are on board, too. I see kids playing with their electronic devices everywhere I go. I see parents and caregivers playing/checking/reading too. My house and my life were controlled by electronic devices for a while as well. It all started about six years ago on my first son’s seventh birthday....more
Loved this. At first when I take away the electronics, my boys don't seem to know what to do ...more

10 Reasons Why You Need To Network In The Blogosphere

Networking is so important in our “online community.” It really is what can make you or break you. Here are 10 reasons that you need to network… now: 1). Meet bloggers that you will grow to love! ...more

How your Brain is affected by Phishing Scams

A recent study says that people are more mindful of online safety issues than what experts had previously believed. An article on says that Nitesh Saxena, PhD, wanted to know what goes on in users’ brains when they come upon malicious websites or malware warnings....more

I'm stalking myself

I asked for - and received - a fitbit for Christmas. I thought it would make me move more throughout my day. And maybe it does. But what it has really done has made me obsessed with my sleep. ...more

FREE The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance eBook

If you own an online business and have been thinking about getting a Virtual Assistant to help you out, here’s a great resource. Right now on Amazon you can get this handy The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance eBook for FREE! The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance lays out the professional expectations for both small business owners and virtual assistants in a 48 page eBook that will also teach you: – Why a VA is not an employee (and how this benefits you!) – The best places to find a virtual assistant online ....more

Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 2/9/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another...more

How to Spot a Splog

I really enjoy reading blogs. And since you are here, reading my blog post, I’m guessing you do too. Blogs are a great way of gaining information and learning about different perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Unfortunately, spammers have tainted this medium with splogs....more

Computing Kappa is a Piece of Cake

Kappa is a useful measure of agreement between two raters. Say you have two radiologists looking at X-rays, rating them as normal or abnormal and you want to get a quantitative measure of how well they agree. Kappa is your go-to coefficient ....more

What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is a kind of software that conceals malware from standard detection methods. A good analogy for a rootkit would be a burglar breaking into your house. The burglar is dressed all in black, so that his form blends into the darkness. He tiptoes around to hide his sounds so he’s more likely to go undetected as he steals your belongings. But unlike the burglar, who usually takes your stuff and leaves, an efficient rootkit can stick around for years doing its work, robbing your computer or mobile device of data....more

How A Virtual Assistant Can Save You Time And Make You Money

It’s no surprise that with our increasingly technological based society even our colleagues and employees have become virtual. For instance, Katrina (co-owner here at TOTS) and I have never met in ‘real’ life. However we have been successfully running our online business together for over 3 years....more