DIY Investigative Journalism: How Bloggers Became Watchdogs in the LAUSD iPad Boondoggle

“If you don’t like the news,” an old saying goes, “make your own.”Doubly so when you’re an education news blogger and parent of a school-aged child....more

6 Ways for a Good Writer to Make Money

Submit stories, articles and prose to publications that you love. It might be easier than you think, and pay more than you expect. For instance, Living the Country Life...more


If anybody said that to me five years ago, they would have received  a derisive sneer, along with my standard diatribe:...more

FREE How To Make Money Blogging eBook

Here’s a great resource for anyone who want to make money from blogging! Amazon has this very popular and highly-rated How To Make Money Blogging eBook for FREE! Bob Lotich founded back in 2007 and after getting laid off in 2008 he took the leap into full-time blogging ....more

How to Secure Your iCloud

By now you’ve heard that Jennifer Lawrence’s (and other celebs’) cellphone nude pictures were leaked out, but how in the heck did the hacker pull this off? Tech experts believe it was through the “Find My iPhone” app.Someone anonymously posted nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton to the 4Chan site, and the stars confirmed the photos were of them....more

Credit Card Fraud booming

Online credit card fraud is flourishing, according to the U.S. Retail Fraud Survey 2014. One of the reasons is because online sales are ever on the increase, currently accounting for 6 percent of total sales, says the report, the most extensive of its kind. The projection is that within three years, retailers will be getting 15 percent of their sales online....more

Another of my favorite procs: PROC DATASETS

I’m just heading off to the Western Users of SAS Software meeting that starts tomorrow....more

Be a GHC Community Volunteer and Change Your Life

You should sign up to be a volunteer community note-taker or blogger by our new deadline of September 8....more

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Plan Your Way to Better Business

Sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants, simply because we don’t feel we have the time to create a focused business plan. This is okay; we can still often get to where we are going, but the lines are seldom straight, that path often quite bumpy. I am here to extol the virtues of creating a business plan – whatever that means to you ....more