Cyber Security Insurance Difficult for Business to Navigate

Cyber insurance is now booming, with about 50 carriers in the industry. An increasing number of companies have cyber insurance to protect against cyber crime. However, businesses claim it’s not easy to get adequate coverage....more

Number One “Most Pinteresting Destination In The World” Does Not Actually Exist

Tech News: Hair Color And Social Media Fail Edition

I read all the latest tech news, and each Saturday I’ll bring you the news that you’ll want to know about! This week everyone is talking about The University of New Mexico‘s research in hair technology! ...more

Business Identity Theft; Big Brands, Big Problems

Cyber criminals go after brand names like vultures, infiltrating company websites, hijacking mobile applications and tainting online ads, among other tricks....more

What the Learn-to-Code movement misses

Hint: It’s math! My last post, I ranted about the need for math if you are going to learn to code. I was thinking about that again today ....more

What’s New With Tech4Moms?

I’ve always kinda hated those posts. ...more

Healthcare Establishing Customer Security Programs

Consumers really get stiffed when there’s a data breach, having to change their passwords, replace credit cards, and other bothersome tasks, not to mention the grief over stolen personal information.Healthcare organizations (a prime target of cyber criminals for several reasons) need to think beyond the approach of, “Here’s how we’re protecting your data,” and shift their way of thinking to, “We are dead serious about our customers’ security.”...more

Going to Plan B for Survival

If your “Plan A” for survival sinks, do you have a Plan B backup?Forget rushing to the grocery store when disaster like a snowstorm strikes. Everyone else will have the same idea. Need I say more?...more

Review: JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

product JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett is from Wiley & Sons (2014). This book earns high praise from me as educationally sound. It reminds me a little of the Head First series of books, except this book isn’t silly ....more

My Husband is Right: you can't trust online reviews

www.sybilsage.com ...more