Five unofficial rules for following your teen on Instagram

Here are my very unscientific and unofficial rules for following your tween/teen on Instagram without coming across as too “stalk-y”....more

Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch with a Digital Costume!

Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch with a Digital Costume! Kids and Technology: Let’s check out how you can use an app to make a digital Halloween costume that is extra gory! Are your kids into gory Halloween costumes? ...more

FREE Make Money From Home eBook

Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Make Money From Home eBook for FREE! This easy read to full of helpful tips on making money from home online. Your about to discover 6 profitable hidden methods to earning $12,000 per month from home ....more Road Trip: Nissan Leaf Electric Car #EcoTech

Using technology that is resource and environmentally friendly (#ecotech) is important to me and one of the most prominent ecotech products is the electric car. These automobiles are run by a rechargeable battery with no gasoline engine or carbon emission pollution like their gas-powered brothers and sisters. ...more

Why Are Facebook, Apple Paying for Women to Freeze Their Eggs?

Today, Mashable reported that Facebook and Apple have both put policies into place to pay for a woman to freeze her eggs, effectively allowing her to delay having a child. Is this a boon? Or a creepy suggestion about how to succeed in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of tech?...more
I was horrified by this being labelled as a perk. I'm sure for some ppl it's great to know the $ ...more

3 Ways to Keep Your Blog Loaded with Fresh Content

We all have great intentions when it comes to blogging. We have wonderful ideas for our blogs, from the design, to the content and community we want to build. However, most bloggers, myself included, have voiced the infamous “I don’t have time to blog” phrase out of...more

6 Ways to prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Hacking isn’t just about weak passwords and single-factor authentication. A lot of it occurs because people can be so easily tricked into giving up personal information: the craft of social engineering. Example: “Download this video of Kim K fully naked!” How many men would be lured into clicking this gateway to a viral infection? We are a sad species....more

Enough Is Enough !!!!

So, what does it take to get proper service from the phone company !!!Now my phone, has a message stating "You Can't Make Interenational Calls"  Well, I do not even know anyone internationally, so if is not me. Like, I said in one of my other blogs, my Neighbors surely does !!...more

Batman’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and Exhibit at NYCC 2014

This year mark’s the 75th Anniversary of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s iconic character Batman, and New York Comic Con decked the halls of the Javits Center in the spirt of the Dark Knight himself with a wide array of Batman related guests, content and exhibits. The official 75th Anniversary Panel featured Geoff Johns, the […] ...more

Fitness Gadgets for Your Smartphone

I’m more than a little bit obsessed with fitness these days. ...more