Before you upload that picture...

Let's start with privacy basics: The bathroom door. After several years of repeated discussions, my son has finally learned to knock on the closed bathroom door. About 60% of the time he also waits for acknowledgement before trying to come in. It is (in my head) a parenting triumph. ...more


Guys! I'm looking for feedback about the new look of my blog. There's a poll and everything. (I know, how fancy am I?!) Let me know what you think!

15 Thoughts When On A Group Text Message

We are all a part of at least one.Maybe we started it.Maybe we were added to one.But we all have taken part of, in one way or another, a group text message.For the most part, group text messages are great for making plans, sharing a quick story, or checking in on some friends/family. Sometimes, you get added by accident to a text with a bunch of strangers. Sometimes, people are texting just to text....more

Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests

It’s been said that there are over a million different apps for the smartphone. Well, however many may exist, know that not all of them are passing security tests with flying colors....more

Power AND Potable Water!

Yay! Some good news! The world’s first wave power station that pumps power onto a public grid has been set up off the coast of Western Australia!   “The company’s technology named CETO after a Greek goddess of the sea converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater.”...more

15 Top Facebook Privacy Tips

You wouldn’t have to worry about privacy issues on Facebook if you didn’t post sensitive, private information on Facebook…such as information that one day can be used against you. And really, you should share only what you consider “professional” information, even with family. Just stop with the nonsense.At any rate, it’s important to know how to use Facebook’s privacy features, which change from time to time. Here are useful tips....more

Thank You..,President Obama for your "Consistency" in matters, pertaining to Climate Change !!

In the matters pertaining to "our" Earth's climate and weathering conditions, President Obama, makes his intentions very clear. That, our planet earth needs protection for generations to come. His recent decision, in vetoing the Republican ran Congress to go no further, with the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline.It needs no other fanfare, it is crystal clear to know, that if, we  do not substain our natural resources on this planet, we are headed in the wrong direction, in regards, to environmental substainabilty....more

On Display

With the multiplicity of posts on social media that inundate us daily, it is so difficult to refrain from getting caught up in the frenzy of frequent public updates. We know full well that jealously comparing our lives to the lives of others is wrong. It's the fastest way to rob ourselves of joy. We know we're supposed to fight against the fear of missing out. We may fall into the comparison trap more often than we care to admit, but we know better. Yet while much has been said on this topic, we seldom address the other side of this issue.Is it any wonder that social media feels like a competition? ...more

The Security Costs of being too Social

One of the arguments against being very virtually social is that nobody is SO important that everyone wants to know, for instance, that this person is going to be at the local sports bar watching the Super Bowl (or almost nobody; sad to say, some celebrities have half the world following them)....more

Technology: It's A Whole New World

I decided to teach myself how to code... yes I was determined to learn HTML and CSS and Java and JQuery....more