8 Tips to protect your Money – and your Identity – from Theft

When you hear the dictum, “You should protect yourself from identity theft,” do you equate this with pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with rocks up a hill? It would actually be more accurate to picture slicing into a fresh apple pie, because identity theft protection is as easy as pie. Check out the following things you should do—without breaking any sweat:...more

Why use a VPN?

If you want to be a pro at privacy, here’s a tip: When it’s time to go online, whether it’s at an airport lounge, coffee house, hotel, or any other public Wi-Fi spot, don’t log into any of your accounts unless you use a virtual private network (VPN)....more

How to Stop Sharing Your Location Information

The Internet helps us connect and share with people around the world, but there are some people with whom you definitely shouldn’t be sharing your information. Although it’s not pleasant to think about, it’s not just friends and family that can see your online posts, bad guys can too, including criminals and even sex offenders....more

A Mother Daughter Perspective on the EdTech Revolution

On the afternoon of September 30th, I picked up my 7th grader and drove her into the heart of Silicon Valley....more

What is a Hacker?

You probably think you know what a “hacker” is, but the images portrayed in the media can be misleading. You may be thinking of a geeky-looking guy who causes peoples’ computers to get infected with viruses or cracks passwords to raid the accounts of big business. This is one kind of hacker, but in a broader sense a hacker is a person (male or female) who uses their programming skills and technical knowledge to create and modify computer software and hardware by finding their weaknesses and exploiting them....more

5 Tips to Raise Children Better

 “Raising children is a creative endeavor, an art rather than a science.” – Bruno BettelheimRaising children right is a responsibility parents cannot wash hands from. Though parents love to lecture their children, they seldom focus on the real problem....more

Maintenance Tips for Your Electronic Gadgets

As we move even more into the electronic age, many of us can't be separated from our iPads, tabs, iPods and cellphones. So keeping them clean and protected from harm makes perfect sense. Here are some of my best cleaning and caring tips for your hi-tech gadgets and home appliances.1. Smart pad, phone or tabHouse keys can scratch the surface area or remove keyboard secrets and sitting on it can break the device....more

State sponsored Attacks big Problem

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, an identity database, was attacked by hackers rather recently, and they hit the jackpot: More than 21 million federal workers are at risk of identity theft for perhaps the rest of their lives, reports an article on forbes.com....more

Robot shows babies are manipulating their parents to smile

There is a special moment between newborns and their parents, when the baby first smiles. Lots of people will try to ruin this moment, saying that it is just gas or that smiling is a learned response so the baby didn't mean it, but those people are awful, because as a parent you just know that the smile was because your baby loves you....more

Twitters ups its Security Game

Twitter recently announced its new tool to help with management and monitoring of its users’ accounts: the Twitter data dashboard....more
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