Yes, of course your phone is hurting your relationship

On the (sadly) rare occasion that I leave my desk for lunch, I take my phone with me. I know I cannot successfully walk and text, but I will usually type out a brief note to my husband on the escalator ride through my building, and maybe another note as I am waiting in line to order food....more

How I Updated My Portfolio

So I’ve been talking a lot about this design portfolio re-do, but being new to blogging, I didn’t realize I need to tell you how I did it. So here’s the how-to. I use Cargo Collective, “…a personal publishing platform aimed at creating accessible tools and a networked context to enhance the exposure of talented individuals on the Internet.” I’m using the “Polaris” template, very spare and clean, much like this blog....more

Reporting Abuse via ATM-like Machines

Using an ATM is universally known as dispensing currency at any given time, but in India, ATM-like machines are being used to literally save lives.In India, women and girls are constantly subject to abuse, either physical, mental, or both. Women who are involved in these circumstances try to take matters into their own hands by reporting abuse to the police, but often, their complaints go unnoticed or ignored, until now....more

7 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Identity

One of my favorite commercials is a guy working out with his personal trainer. The trainer asks him if he’s been eating his vegetables every day. When he replies, “When I can,” the trainer bops him on the head. He could have had a V8!...more

Wrap it Up: Samsung Galaxy Tab S Reviewed

I was tickled when Samsung sent me a Galaxy Tab S (8.4″ 16GB) to “test-drive” right before the holiday season. The kids are getting older, and quite frankly, I am always completely clueless what to get them for Christmas. Long gone are the days of toddler toys that come in huge boxes for a small price-tag. Now I want to be sure I’m getting them quality items that won’t be obsolete by the New Year. Spoiler alert: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S hits most of the marks....more

Russian Hackers getting rich from your Identity

Where’s the $$$ at? Selling credit card data. Have you heard of the Russian hacking ring that raked in two and a half billion dollars? Check it out:...more

How Technology is Trying to Embarrass Me

They used to call me "Becky Techie." I have been interested in technology since my first computer class, "Computer Math," way back in 1985.  I had my first personal computer, a Mac, in 1995, and taught myself a lot....more

The Online Learner’s Guide to Catastrophe

By Dr. Angela M. Gibson, Professor at American Public UniversityIf you are an online college student, you have joined the ranks of 7.1 million e-learners in the United States taking at least one online course (Allen & Seaman, 2013). Approximately one in three of all those in higher education are enrolled in an online class....more

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Review: Blog:

A Handy Help: The Evolution and Future of Wireless Charging Technology

Generally speaking, the path of modern technology mirrors the path of how we harness, store, and transmit energy. This has been true since humans first harnessed fire, but it has taken an especially interesting trajectory in the past century. For more than 100 years, the Holy Grail of energy transmission has been wireless charging, the ability to power devices without batteries or cords....more