Do Investors Have Bad Families?

What’s it like starting a company with your spouse? I get this question fairly often. Several times now, I’ve heard investors say they don’t like to invest in couples, while in the same breath saying that they like to invest in companies with co-founders who have known each other a long time ....more

Panasonic Booth Tour #CES2015

My favorite Consumer Electronics Show (CES) activity is roaming the showroom floor and seeing all the new technology. This year I was excited to work on a sponsored project for Panasonic and...more

Twitter Wants Photos, Not Links, from Instagram Users

It made news this week when Twitter asked Instagram users to post images directly to Twitter instead of posting a link to the photo on Instagram. When an image is posted on Instagram, the user can choose to send a link to the image to Twitter. An image from Instagram will show up on Facebook when shared there, but Facebook owns Instagram ....more

I am tired: In praise of details-oriented people

Our Project Manager, Jessica,...more

The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge is Coming

Inspired by the Boston Scenario of the original Sim City, The Apocalypse Challenge starts things with a bang! ...more

How to Host Your Own WordPress Blog

Here is an infographic that takes you through the process of how to host your own WordPress blog! The post How to Host Your Own WordPress Blog appeared first on A Prettier Web ....more

FREE The Online Money Making Machine eBook

Hurry over to Amazon to get this handy FREE The Online Money Making Machine eBook! This is a great resource to help you start making money online and building your own online business. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make good amount of money by leveraging the internet ....more

Brand Analysis: Yellowberry

The topic of branding is fascinating and complex, and I love to exam brands that impress me, either positively or negatively. One brand that I recently became aware of is , a brand aiming to sell young girls their first bras. I’m not exactly their target demographic as an adult woman without a preteen daughter, but I do have a daughter and work with preteen girls ....more

Legacy Challenge & Wonder Child Stories List – Week of 1/19/2015

Hello everyone! Below are this week’s most recently updated Legacy Challenge &...more

Legacy Challenge & Wonder Child Let’s Play List – Week of 1/19/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another Legacy Challenge & Wonder Child Weekly Let’s Play List!...more