An Addiction That No One Talks About: Candy Crush

I have avoided it for as long as I can. I feel like I have a duty to discuss an epidemic that is affecting moms all over this great country. There is a dirty little secret that no one wants you to know about. Especially all of the moms. People are probably going to be mad at me after this but it is time to shine some light on an addiction that has the potential to damage the family dynamic and possibly modern civilization as we know it now. That is right. I am talking about Candy Crush....more
Have you been spying on me?! Seriously, my poor kid has had to knock on the bathroom door too! ...more

Scientific Curiosity Can Lead to Arrest, or to Space Camp

Every once in a while, the power of the Internet can bring the wrong-headed to their senses and even create a very happy ending. That's what happened to Kiera Wilmot, the 16 year old Florida student who was arrested and charged with discharging a weapon on school grounds when her science experiment blew the top off a plastic bottle. Jill Pantozzi from The Mary Sue has the good news story for you. ...more
Thanks for posting. Glad to hear this turned out for the better!more

Yahoo Buys Tumblr, Promises Not to Screw It Up

The news that Yahoo planned to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion leaked last week, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made it official this morning on her Tumblr blog. Mayer promised not to screw it up. ...more
@misslissy If you don't use Tumblr, you may not have any reason to care. But the underlying ...more

Is It OK To Cite An Observed Tweet As A Direct Quote?

What if a journalist was writing a story about you and quoted one of your tweets as if it were a direct quote – something you said to the journalist in relation to the story rather than something you posted on Twitter. Would you consider that ethical? That's the question Spydergrrl explores in this post: Journalism, Social Media & Ethics: Is It OK To Cite An Observed Tweet As A Direct Quote?. ...more

The Five Best Mobile Apps for Simplifying Your Life

Who doesn’t want as many ways as possible to make their lives a little easier? Well, you are in luck because there are some truly great mobile apps out there that can help to streamline your busy days! Here are our top five…...more
Hi all! Has anyone tried Pozzr ( Looks like a great tool.more

Teen Teams Participated in Team America Rocketry Challenge

In a contest designed to bring young engineers and technicians into the aerospace industry, TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge) brought the top 100 teams into the Washington DC area to fly their rockets. ...more

Likebook, Keeping a Journal in the Digital Age

Editor's Note: What if you could take your entries in Facebook (with comments), Instagram photos and other photos and put it all in a book that covered a year of your life? Sarah Kimmel at Technology 4 Moms did that and she has video! See how easy it would be to do it yourself. -Virginia ...more
Cool! - Denisemore

(INTERVIEW) Alicia Keys: Grammy Winner ... and Tech Innovator

You may know Alicia Keys as the Grammy-winning recording artist of season-defining songs like this past fall's "Girl on Fire." When I sat down with Alicia yesterday, though, she was working in an entirely different role: as the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry, an app developer, and moderator of a panel about Women, Tech & Ambition....more
Great interview, Elisa. Makes me SO excited about her. Always great to know women in the public ...more

Photo Editing Fads: What Was I Thinking?

Editor's Note: Bailey from Let Birds Fly takes a look at some of the photography fads you may have indulged in and asks you to consider which ones might stand the test of time. She has great photos to illustrate each fad so you can really see what she's talking about. -Virginia ...more
One very high-profile blogger immediately comes to mind--she's still addicted to ALL of those ...more

Journaling 'The Pocket Scavenger,' a Gamified 'Wreck This Journal'

I met Keri Smith at BlogHer '07 and I bought a copy of Wreck This Journal for Michelle, (who also attended BlogHer '07), because I thought Keri was pretty brilliant and I was fascinated with the idea of Wreck This Journal. That was also right about the time that I started thinking about altered books and art journaling, none of which Michelle ended up being interested in. So sad, I wasted that book. I should have bought it for myself!...more
@Karen Ballum  Oh good, more peoples to journal-stalk!more