Why Would Facebook Want to Buy Waze?

Sometimes it feels like Facebook is buying the Internet. The recent news that the social media giant is set to buy Waze, a social media based GPS navigation app, for an assumed 1.2 billion has many people raising eyebrows -- and asking, "What's Waze?" In short, it's a map app. Enter your destination and Waze will help you get there, offering social media interactions from other Waze users with warnings of accidents, police waiting to give you a ticket, construction, traffic and so on. But... why do you need another map app? ...more
Yes! It is great!more

How Amazon Turned You into Their Sales Force

I am not an Amazon hater. They bring me the things I need to my doorstep and keep me from having to haul two small children into the store.I’m also not one to jump on the bandwagon of Facebook privacy complaints. Thanks to five years of blogging, I’ve long since come to terms with the lack of internet privacy, and have reconciled myself with The Core Internet Truth: Anything you post can and will be used against you. And it will NEVER EVER truly go away....more
If I understand her point correctly - that FB would show a forwarded posting from another entity ...more

Pseudonyms, Real Names, Science and Going Braless

Scicurious has been writing under the pseudonym Scicurious for some time at her blog Neurotic Physiology. I recommend her recent post Weird Friday Science: Are Boobs Better Braless? as a great introduction to both her scientific perspective and her sense of humor. ...more
I've met scicurious in person twice and wouldn't have picked bethany to put on a list of top 50 ...more

6 Tips for Catching Great Head Shots of Kids

What's the secret to capturing images of children that make them look as fabulous and beautiful as they really are? Clickin Moms has 6 tips for creating great close ups of kids in Creative Headshots by Elana Blair. ...more

Spoiler Alert! 17 Year Old Jennie Lemere Wins Hackathon

Jennie Lemere had an idea about how to avoid spoilers for her favorite shows. She took it to a TVnext Hack event in Boston and won with it. Gina Vaynshteyn tells the story in 17 Year Old Girl Wins a Hackathon and also the Internet and Battle of the Sexes Too at Hello Giggles. Jennie's prize winnings are going into a college fund. ...more
@MaryBethRaven Thank you for identifying your daughter in the photo. Both girls are awesome!more

PHOTOS OF YOU: Instagram Thinks A Thousand Words Isn't Enough

Instagram added PHOTOS OF YOU recently, which means you can now tag the people you’re brunching with in the photo of your eggs benedict. It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s assurances that Instagram would not become Facebook were something we weren’t supposed to remember? ...more

Photoshop and Other Creative Suite Products Now Cloud Based

Users of Adobe CS6 have already had access to cloud based versions of the popular Adobe product line, but now these products will be cloud only. No more software downloads, no more boxes with CDs inside. The Adobe business model for the new Creative Cloud line means a monthly subscription fee to use the products. Image from Adobe Creative Cloud ...more

30 Days Provides Plenty of Sexism Examples for This Gamer

Alanah Pearce describes herself as a videogame journalist. She recently did a really interesting 30 day long project to document the sexism she sees in the gaming world. She wrote about it in 30 Days of Sexism at Kotaku Australia. Here's how she did it: ...more

Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Who better to give you cool tech gift ideas for your mom on Mother's Day than Cool Mom Tech? They came through with Truly Cool Tech Gifts for Mom Under $30. Giving your mom a lesson in how to use Twitter is free, but these gift ideas will cost you almost nothing. As Liz from Cool Mom Tech says, ...more

Choosing an Assistive Communication Device and Apps

Editor's Note: Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices and apps are a great help for children and adults with communication problems. At Anybody Want a Peanut, they've been testing devices and apps. They share the information they learned from their research with you. -Virginia ...more