Tutorial: Creating a Blog Header and Blog Button using Pixlr

Editor's Note: Here's a tutorial that will give you some good ideas for designing headers and buttons for your blog using the free online image editing tool Pixlr. Desirae from Sommerfugl Design shares the tips with you. -Virginia ...more

5 High Tech Home Security Devices to Keep You Safe

A dog really is a great home security device. If you can't have a real dog right now, you might consider a Barking Dog Alarm, one of the home security gadgets mentioned in 5 Cool Home Security Gadgets You Never Thought Would Materialize at Technology for Moms. ...more

How to Take the First Step into the World of Comics

True confessions time. Ever since the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer faded into TV history, I've wanted to go buy the ensuing seasons which are available as comic books. But I'm daunted by the thought of going into a comic book store. Talk about being out of place – I would be SO out of place in a comic book store. Then I saw How to Start Reading Comics from !Blog. ...more
@barefootandlovingit You and @Denise  both mentioned buying comics online. I'll have to look ...more

Yahoo! Weather. Yes, Weather, And a Lot More, Too

I abandoned my regular iPhone weather app without a backward glance when I installed Yahoo! Weather the other day. It only took me about two seconds to fall in love with Yahoo! Weather, which is available for both iOS and Adroid. Here are my reasons why. ...more
Very cool! I'm definitely getting this app. Thanks for sharing it.more

The Gender Gap and Women in Wordpress

The gender gap, the lack of women in tech – whatever you choose to call it, it's a frequent topic here at BlogHer. A post asking where the women in WordPress are prompted Chris Ford from Be the Change to respond with this post about Women in WordPress. ...more
"I am personally working to make my own change instead of waiting for change to happen ...more

Surgery or Photoshop? What the Korean Beauty Controversy Says About Us

Have you seen the collage of Korean beauty pageant contestants that’s circulating around the web? Besides sparking a multitude of inane comments about all Asians looking alike, it’s also stirred up a lot of debate about whether plastic surgery – or even Photoshop – has gone too far. ...more
This is insane. South Korea also possesses among the world's highest teen suicide rates - the ...more

You Are Not A Machine. Why Think As If You Are?

“I’ll add it to the queue.” “Get those wheels turning.” And one of my recent favorites: “Do you have the bandwidth to take on this new project?” What do these phrases have in common? They all refer to human beings in machine terminology. ...more
What a great article!  I fully believe I'd be more productive if I had more downtime in my off ...more

You Need to Know the Dangers of The Cinnamon Challenge

Are you aware of the dangers of the game called The Cinnamon Challenge? Tara Haelle from Double X Science explains all about it in Don't Take the Cinnamon Challenge. The Cinnamon Challenge is a dare-taking game played mostly by teens, and as Tara explains, ...more
Wow!  Thanks for this post.  I'll be discussing this with my children!  Scary.more

The Hunt: Fashion’s Newest Way to Help You Find and Buy What You Love

Editor's Note: Bridgette Raes: Style Expert knows you love window shopping, browsing for ideas on Pinterest, and looking at great fashion ideas. She's found an app, called The Hunt, that can make it easier, faster, and more social to do all that looking and dreaming – and even buying. She explains, -Virginia ...more
Will have to check it out, thanks!more

Sexy Household Tech You Need to Check Out

1. Stop murdering your plants with the fully automated Click and Grow system. Just add batteries, water and your plant of choice (flowers, herbs or veggies) and the system does all the hard work for you. ...more