Is the New Twitter Music Service a Good Thing?

Twitter's latest announcement is for Twitter Music, a part of Twitter that tracks music mentioned in tweets. The service allows you to listen to popular music, emerging music, suggested music you might like, music your followers are listening to, and your own music choices. ...more
@bitcandy In the weeks since they started the service, there has been a distinct lack of buzz or ...more

How to Host a Webinar (and Why You Should)

The bar for the know, like, and trust factor has been rising over the past few years. A decade ago, there was less competition. If you were online and wrote a few articles you were golden. Now, people want to get to know you in a deeper way before spending money with you. One way to do that in a very personal and virtual way is to host a webinar. Here's a great post from Judi Knight on how to do it well. ...more

Photography Tutorial: Adjusting White Balance in Photos

Editor's Note: Laura at Family Spice walks you through a step by step process for improving the white balance in your photos in this easy tutorial. She starts with a too-yellow photo and ends up with one that really sparkles. -Virginia ...more
Thanks for sharing, I use Adobe Photoshop on occasion to edit my food pictures but I am just ...more

Vine Is the Show, and Vine Records the Show

The app called Vine is used to record 6 second videos and post them to Twitter. The app was released at the start of 2013. BlogHer carried an initial report about it in Will Twitter's Vine App Be the Next Big Social Media Thing?. In just the first quarter of this year, Vine has had quite an impact. ...more

What Men (and Everyone, Really) Can Do To Support Gender Equity in Tech

I recently received this thoughtful question about the role of male allies in solving the gender imbalance in the tech industry: As a guy in the tech industry, I honestly don’t know how to fix most of the issues… I do want to help, but like many other guys I don’t know the best way to do it. I recognize and accept that there are biases and barriers in our industry, but I don’t on know what can be done. ...more
wanek Thanks! That's lovely to hear from someone at NCWIT!more

Rumination is for Cows: #18 of 55 Things I have Learned

Editors's Note: I hope you've been following AnnMaria's Blog and her list of things she has learned in 55 years. She's up to number 18, which talks about how our inner monologues can mess with our heads. I recommend reading them all. Every one of her lessons learned are interesting, practical and insightful guides to career, life, code – and judo. -Virginia ...more
annmariastat BlogHer I mostly search Flickr for CC licensed for commercial use, but sometimes ...more

7 Eco Travel Apps That Make Getting There Greener and More Fun

Editor's Note: Just in time for Earth Day, Tracey from Don't Mess with Mama found 7 apps that can make your travels eco friendly and a lot more fun. Here's a sample, -Virginia ...more

You Can Pin Images to Pinterest from Bing Image Search

Here's one for you dedicated Pinterest pinners: Pinning Feature Now in Bing Image Search at Geek Sugar. If you've been searching for images using Google, you might want to consider Bing instead. ...more
I pinned the Michelle Obama image and the attribution on my pin board was to the source at ...more

Will Visual Content Drive the Future Blogging Space?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The tech space is seeing a resurgence in visual content from major interface redesigns such as Tumblr's latest Android update, to larger photos such as Facebook's latest update to News Feed. It's obvious visual content is becoming increasing popular. Tumblr reached a notable moment recently by reaching over 100 million blogs on its platforms. ...more
I agree with you Nelle, media should provide multiple ways for us to consume content based on ...more

If Emily Posted: Facebook Home is Not So Sweet

Editor's Note: Facebook's latest thing is called Facebook Home. It puts your Facebook news feed at the top of your Android phone as your 'home' page. Alexandra Asher Sears has taken a look at Facebook Home and finds it not quite home sweet home. -Virginia ...more
I did! I tried to stick with it all of last weekend, but then my phone glass exploded so I ...more