Food Bloggers Fight Storm of Facebook Pages That Are Stealing Their Content

Something ugly is happening on Facebook, and as a food blogger, I am not only disturbed, I am alarmed. People are starting Facebook pages that copy photos and recipes from food blogs and repost them on their pages, either without attribution or improper attribution. Some even go as far as to claim the photos and recipes are theirs. And some are actually threatening the food bloggers who contact them. ...more
I just want to confirm what I think I understand. If the blogger, artist, whatever is credited ...more

5 Savvy Ways to Save Big on Technology

Editor's Note: Technology is a big part of the household budget. Data plans, subscriptions, minutes, it all adds up. Is there any way to cut back on some of those costs? Technology for Moms has some great ideas. These suggestions can help you save. -Virginia ...more

Shared Streaming: Is It Your New Thing?

I was fascinated by a recent article in The New York Times, No TV? No Subscription? No Problem that explained how many people stream TV shows and movies to their devices using shared passwords or shared accounts on sites like HBO Go and Netflix. ...more

Blogging Basics: Which Commenting Platform is the Best

Which Commenting Platform is the Best?   This is an update to a post I wrote last year. Things change and I always want to keep you up to date!! Ask five bloggers which commenting system they use on their site and you will probably get five different answers.  There are many, including but not limited to: WordPress Livefyre CommentLuv Disqus ...more
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Google Glass Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Hands Free”

Google is getting closer to releasing its most exciting new product,Google Glass. These electronic, lightweight glasses rest on your face and respond to your voice commands. The glasses which are set to be released by the end of this year, will allow the user to interact without any touch, and they may go on to replace smart phones in the future. With many exciting features, everyone is eager for its release, but as with any groundbreaking technology, the glasses come with a few downsides to consider. ...more
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What You Need to Know About Securing Your WordPress Site

Just like any online account you have, there are security issues associated with having a WordPress blog or website. Fortunately there are ways to help safeguard your site and your information. Although nothing will completely eliminate the threat of hackers, a little forethought and continued monitoring efforts should reduce your vulnerability. ...more
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Action Needed: WordPress Users Using Social Media Widget Plugin

If you use a plugin called Social Media Widget (social-media-widget) on your WordPress blog, you need to remove it, according to WordPress Plugin Social Media Widget Hiding Spam – Remove it now. The plugin is in use on about 900,000 websites. It was recently discovered to be injecting Pay Day Loan links and spam into websites. ...more
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How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a powerful social media tool that has the potential to enhance your brand and drive significant traffic to your blog. Let's talk about how to organize your boards to make them visually appealing and useful to visitors. ...more
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An Interview with Eventbrite founder Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz and her husband Kevin are the founders of the online ticketing platform Eventbrite. The success of the site has propelled Julia into the ranks of successful women in tech and successful business women in tech and made her a role model for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business. ...more Thanks. Always good to look at how the successful do things.more

Is the Medium Impacting The Message? (Thoughts on Kate Hartman's TED Talk: The Art of Wearable Communication)

Kate Hartman has been developing prototypes of various clothing items to improve communication. Like a hat that helps you hear yourself better. Or a funnel that lets you fight with another person by letting them hear your angry tone without feeling the sting of your words. (That one is pretty powerful) Or how about a suit that lets you hug (and listen to) a glacier, thereby better understanding the natural world around you. ...more