Must Read Blogs: Grandma Got STEM

I'm smitten with a blog. There, I said it. The blog is Grandma Got STEM and it's a new effort to document stories about the many women who have been working in STEM fields for decades. ...more
I think that is a great story. It is truly inspirational to see Women of mature ages show that ...more

Not Facebook Phone, But Facebook Home

The rumors were that we would get a Facebook Phone, but what we actually got was Facebook Home, which Facebook says makes your phone friendlier. Basically it puts your Facebook news feed upfront on your phone all the time. ...more

Are Gamers Fine with Female Protagonists?

There's a new female-led game called Remember Me coming soon from Dontnod Entertainment. The possibility of a game with a female protagonist is unusual enough that Becky Chambers from The Mary Sue wrote a terrific post about it: In Which I Am Pretty Darn Sure That Most Gamers are Fine with Female Protagonists. ...more
@Karen Ballum In fact, we could use more! Or games where you can select your character with more ...more

How Effective Hyperlinks Can Help Your Blog

In my crazy life, I'm always talking to students about how important link text is. Link text is the actual link you click. Sometimes I call it clickable text. It matters in several ways. One is to the search engines, who get information about where a link is going from your link text. Another way link text matters is in the information it conveys to users who have accessibility issues – in other words does the link text explain exactly where the link is leading you or does it say something generic like click here? ...more
kegill no problem. great post.more

After a Rocket Scientist's 'Stroganoff' Obit, How Can We Check Ourselves for Bias?

Folk wisdom says that everything comes in threes. That's not true in the old, old story of human bias, stereotyping, and being unaware of your internal blinders. ...more
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The Any.Do App Helped Me Get Things Done, Sort Of

I'm back after a month of using the Any.Do app to try and help me get things done. Not every day things but things I never make time to do because I'm addicted to work. So did it help? Yes, it did. Sort of. For awhile. ...more
what happens if you ignore the reminder?more

You Should Know: MissRepresentation’s #NotBuyingIt App

Editor's Note: There a new app in the works will let you use an app to notify businesses of your displeasure with their advertising. Ashley at Nourishing the Soul explains how you can help make the idea a reality. -Virginia ...more

The Easy Way to Create a Google Alert

Editor's Note: In just a few simple steps you can set up an alert in Google to notify you about almost anything you want to monitor. Jean from Be Web Smart has figured out the easiest way to set this up, and tells you how to do it. -Virginia ...more

Boost Your Tweet Reach with 9 Easy Marketing Tips

Imagine… Twitter is 7 years old. In social media years, it’s like Dog Years (a robust 49). With billions of tweets, Twitter is a marketing force that is difficult to ignore. Marketers are finding new and creative ways to make Twitter a larger part of their online efforts. Below are 10 tips that can boost your effectiveness in delivering your messages: ...more
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Even Everyday Technology Feels Like Magic

[Editor's Note: We use more and more technology in our homes in ways that seem almost magical these days. Sarah Kimmel at Technology for Moms shares some of the wonders she and her family are enjoying in their home. What kind of new technology makes magic for you? -Virginia] ...more
When it doesn't work, we hardly remember how to solve the problem. Like walking smack into a ...more