Where to Get a Free iPad for Your Special Needs Child

We all know apps can be great with kids – but what if your budget doesn't allow for the purchase of an iPad itself? Here are some no-cost options for getting your child (especially your child with a disability) an iPad. ...more
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SimCity, I Deserve Better Than What You’re Not Giving Me

[Editor's Note: Long time SimCity gamer Amy Tucker has a bone to pick with the way the game is being supported and updated. She thinks it's pretty annoying. See what she's talking about. -Virginia] ...more

Rocking Lego Band Will Make Your Day

We needed something to make us smile today, and this post from Spydergrrl is guaranteed to do just that. Get happy with this video of a tiny band rocking out. As she puts it: ...more
Hey there, Virginia! We went through the Bionicles at our house, so this video and others on the ...more

Which Tech and Gadget Trends Do You Think Are the Most Exciting?

If you love tech and the latest electronic gadgets, we are living in absolutely amazing times. On any given day, you can use an iPad app to scan the celestial stars in the sky or a Kindle Fire HD tablet to watch stars of the Hollywood variety walk the red carpet in streaming video. Forbes has predicted that by 2014, more than 70 billion mobile apps will be downloaded from app stores every year....more

PyCon and Adria Richards: When a Woman Speaks Up

"One thing is more frightening than speaking your truth and that is not speaking" -Audre Lourde ...more
@Shellireads The only thing Adria Richards could have done to avoid the attack she received was ...more

If Text Won't Convey Emotion, Use Voice with Dubbler

I noticed a new app the other day that allows you to send a voice message instead of a text – and you can share it on Facebook or Twitter. I was glad to find a review by Tech Chic Mom that would give you a look at this interesting app for both iOS and Android. She explains, ...more
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An App to Get Your Kids Interested in the News? Yes.

If you've been wishing you could get your kids interested and involved in the news, Cool Mom Tech found an app that can help you do just that. See what is making the Cool Moms so enthusiastic. ...more
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How to Make Zelda the Star of the Story

Did you see the story about the dad who hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could be the princess? That inspired Kenna from Kenna Draws Stuff to take on her favorite character, Zelda, and make her the star of her own story. Here's how she did it. ...more

Invite Sites I Love More Than Evite

Editor's Note: If Evite is the only invitation site you've used for your social events, you might want to take a look at these ideas from Big Red Clifford that may be just what you need for your next event. -Virginia...more

How to Get Kids Started Learning Programming Code

If you want today's generation of young people to grow up familiar with programming concepts and skills, there are many things you can do at an early age that will be fun and help them learn. Danielle Boldt from Codatrix has a list of games, apps, and tutorials that will get you going. She writes, ...more
I've been coding since I was 9. =} But I can't even get people to let kids use a computer at ...more