Bargain iPhone and iPad Apps

Daynah, the PHP Princess has a great list of bargain priced apps (most of them are free) for everyone from kids to grownups. Here's what she said about one: ...more
hi hughsheer, There are several articles about apps for children on BlogHer. Try this ...more

Change the Header in a WordPress Twenty Ten Theme

Are you using the default WordPress Twenty Ten theme? The Blogarista has a great tutorial telling you how to change the height and width of the header so you can use your own image. She said,...more
I use Lubith in order to customize my WP themes. the default theme that you start working on in ...more

I've Lost My iMind

Dusty Earth Mother wants to find her iMind, her iPhone, maybe even her iKeys. She knows an app for at least one of those. She writes, ...more
love you, distant roomie @alexandraRSmore

Facebook Unveils User-Friendly Profile Privacy Setting Changes

This week Facebook, in an effort to remain competitive with Google’s new social network Google Plus, unveiled a variety of changes to profile privacy settings. Here is a rundown of what these changes are and how they will affect you. ...more
Sounds like it could be helpful for those who posts things they only want their peers to see and ...more

Is Choice Enough? and the Accountability Question

Americans Elect is an interesting new political venture. Americans Elect is the first-ever open nominating process. We're using the Internet to give every single voter—Democrat, Republican or independent—the power to nominate a presidential ticket in 2012. The people will choose the issues. The people will choose the candidates. And in a secure, online convention next June, the people will make history by putting their choice on the ballot in every state. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt Maybe yes. Definitely people are disgruntled. I sure am. But I wonder about ...more

Steve Jobs Steps Down as Apple CEO: Women React

Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple generated a huge response. There are plenty of sites reporting on reactions, but apparently the default reaction is a male one. What are women saying? Credit Image: © Qi Heng/Xinhua/ Before we get to the reactions, let's review the basics. Although Jobs is no longer CEO, he's still chair of the board. His presence will still be felt within Apple. ...more

Why Is the Sky NOT Blue?

"Why is the sky blue?" is a common question from kids. Patricia Vollmer at Geek Mom asks the opposite question, "Why is the sky NOT blue?" The answer includes a science experiment for kids. She writes, Are you ready to delve into why the sky is (and isn’t) blue? Strap in, here we go! Stay tuned, GeekMom Helene also provided us an experiment to share this with the kids! ...more

Steve Jobs Is Apple's Dumbledore

Last night after Steve Jobs announced his retirement, I found myself in the rocking chair at 10:30 pm holding a sobbing boy. Steve Jobs is a magician to my son; he's his Albus Dumbledore. And just as Hogwarts students couldn't imagine the world without Dumbledore, the Wolvog is incapable of imagining Apple without Steve. ...more
@Lisen Stromberg This made me cry. He really is my son's hero and our family's hero -- not ...more

Wow: Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO. What Do You Think?

Steve Jobs has resigned his position as CEO of Apple, effective immediately. He will stay on as chairman of the company's board of directors, and Apple has announced that Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is the new CEO. ...more
Good for him! It is past time for Steve to focus on his own life and family. The world will go ...more

QR Codes in Action

Allyson Kapin from frogloop shares some creative examples of how nonprofits can use QR codes to enhance interaction and real life experiences. She explains, ...more