A Blogger's List of Must-Have iPhone Apps

As a writer/blogger I have found that I have a huge need to stay connected with my blog and the social world that surrounds it. The trouble with that is unless you have no life outside of sitting in front of a computer, it can be a bit challenging to stay that connected....more
This is really informative post and I personally would like to appreciate the efforts. We are ...more

High-Tech Prosthetics: Are They Unfair?

Judy Berna at GeekMom wants your opinion on whether high-tech prosthetics such as those used by runner Oscar Pistorius are fair to other athletes. Go let her know what you think. She says, ...more
I would think it would be an unfair advantage.more

Just Don't Use It - Really?

I love this post with a thoughtful look at real names and free software and sites that sign you up free but want your data. Those who advise us, "just don't use it," are missing some of the nuance. Alice Warwick from Social Media Collective looks at what we expect for free, the price of free, and our right to critique free. She writes, ...more
I have friends with no email, no cells, no texting. I have to call them if I need to tell them ...more

Loving Kid's Apps from Toca Boca

When I think of board games for kids, I think of Cranium. When Christine at Cool Mom Tech thinks of apps with kid's games, she thinks of Toca Boca. She writes, ...more
I haven't heard about Toca Boca before. I will definitely check them out. Thanks, Jack at ...more

Womanthology: An Indie Sensation

The world needs more comics about girl superheroes, right? Renee De Liz decided to create an all female comic anthology called Womenthology. She raised money for the project with Kickstarter, and went over her funding goal by about 400%. Newsarama's Jill Pantozzi interviewed De Liz and reported on the success of Womanthology. Pantozzi wrote, De Liz constructed a Kickstarter to help her collect the lofty $25,000 needed for a small print run and along with help from comic readers and other creators in the industry, blew past her goal in less than 24 hours. ...more

The Effort in Marketing an App

Made an app? Good for you. How are you going to market it? Ush from Bright Star explains a month-long effort to get a new app into the the public eye at Moms with Apps. Here's Ush's opening, I wanted to share BrightStart’s app marketing efforts with you all as I think it might help better prepare your app launch, save you time and may help you sell more apps. Read the full post at How much effort does it take to market an app? ...more
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What's All This Talk About HTML5?

Are you someone like me who thinks HTML is the most interesting topic on the planet? No? Not surprising, really. Most people have other things to think about. ...more
what a ridiculous statement! i am a web designer/developer - i primarily use html/css/js and i ...more

Do You Scroll Backwards, and Is It Natural?

One of Lion's hotly debated new features is 'Natural' Scrolling. It completely reverses the way we scroll on a Mac. But it also makes scrolling consistent with iPad and iPhone. Here's how to scroll the 'natural' way.Natural Scrolling in Lion and iOS Lion changed how we scroll — though you can set Preferences to stick with the old ways if you like. The new 'Natural' Scrolling reverses the direction a page moves in if we scroll using the trackpad. What's more the scrollbars have changed and the scroll arrows have disappeared. Here's what you need to know....more

"Real Name" Policies an Abuse of Power

danah boyd, who often makes more sense than anyone else, takes on the Google+ "Real Name" policy and concludes that the way Google has gone about it is all wrong. She said, ...more
@Amy, I suppose you feel that so should all the rape and/or stalker victims who feel the same ...more

An Unsubscribing Odyssey

Unsubscribing from all those emails you don't want can be pretty daunting, as Ellen Henderson discovered. She said, ...more
Why do sites, people and companies think it's ok to NOT to get my permission? I do it weekly but ...more