Decision Time for TweetDeck App Users

TweetDeck announced it will end support for several of its mobile apps and for Facebook integration. This is upsetting news for people who have depended on TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts and features. Have no fear. Melanie Nelson from Blogging Basics 101 has alternatives for you in this helpful post. ...more
@Melanie Nelson I'm officially removing other desktop apps from my computer as we speak. I'm ...more

How Your Social Media Habits May Affect Your SEO

You might be surprised to learn that your social signals, or, how effective you are in social media, is playing an increasingly important role in your search engine optimization. ...more
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Two Things We're Not Doing to Tackle the Women in Tech Issue

Editor's Note: If there were proven techniques that would increase the number of women in tech, you'd think they would be put into wide practice. Gail Carmichael from The Female Perspective of Computer Science thinks there are some things we should be doing more of. -Virginia ...more

Music, Texting, Emojis, and Decapitated Ducks

Just a couple of days after I wrote my latest installment in the bathroom flooding fallout, we were eating a nice, peaceful breakfast when Ali calmly observed,“Huh. Look at the ceiling - there’s new water up there.”...more
I've been trying to figure these little pictures out and now, thanks to you, I can do it!! Love ...more

7 Ways God and Technology Team Up

Coming from a woman who "doesn't like technology all that much", this post celebrates the ways that technology can enhance one's spiritual gratitude and strengthen relationships, both online and otherwise:3. Because God has used it all to grow real friendships. ...more
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Intro to iPhoneography: Shooting Apps. Which, Why, and How

Editor's Note: Photographer Veronica Armstrong suggests some iPhone apps that can help you raise your iPhone photographs to a new level of quality. She shows you some of her own photos as examples of what can be done. - Virginia ...more
“@BlogHer: Oh, shiny toys! iPhoneography Shooting Apps: Which, Why, and How ...more

Create Google+ Circles By What You Post, Not Who is in Them

Google+ privacy for what you post is controlled by sharing with limited circles or specific individuals. Even though I wrote that you only need one Google+ circle, if you don't intend to make all your posts public you will likely need additional circles. (You may also want additional circles to control how you read posts on Google+, but I will save those considerations for another post.) ...more
That's a really interesting concept. I was doing that for the newsroom I was running but I ...more

Half the Sky: Facebook Game Raises Money For Women's Charities

If you had a dollar for every time you avoided work by playing Farmville, you could solve all the world’s problems, right? That’s basically the idea behind the new Facebook game based on Nick Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn’s book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. I’m not one for video games (don’t send me any requests on Farmville or Candy Crush) but I am a big fan of social justice – especially for women in developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America....more
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Being Afraid: We Are More Than Our Fears

I have been living with a lot of fear lately. I know I gave a whole talk on self-doubt and how to move through it so you can be greater than you know, but I'm still a huge fraidy cat, because so much of life looms so large. Some of it looms large and ugly, but even the parts that loom large and glorious are scary. I know I'm not the only one who feels this....more
So happy to hear about all the projects you have going! Fear is always with me. But when someone ...more

Making a Pledge to Learn to Code

Melissa Price-Mitchell at hellomelissa has decided to learn to code and she's found an online source (or two) where she can do just that. Check out these online resources. ...more