Time for a sleeping Pill and some juice

Today was going pretty good. It was my first FULL day (8 hours ) on cam in awhile.  All my customers seemed happy to have me back. Hell even I was happy to be back to a point. I did a lot of shows took a lot of calls. Then I got a booking for a one hour boy/girl show. Great!!! I text the mr and asked what time he was getting off work so I would be sure to accept the booking for the correct time. ok The time is set the show is booked. The guy gets his show and wants ANOTHER. ROCKIN!!! So we do another show. Then he wants ANOTHER!! ...more

Oprah Is Why The French Hate Us

Oprah has been on television for more than 20 years, and within that time, she has failed educate her fans on anything more than superficial fads in diet, culture, and politics. As of today, Oprah has not once interviewed or educated her fat and frivolous fan with an educational retrospect on ballet, opera ( nd Potts the tenor doesn't count) painters, poets, or artist what so ever. Musicians were not featured unless they already grabbed an Emmy or were about to. And if you thought I forgot about Maya Angelou, you are wrong!! ...more

I never thought I would see somebody criticise the great Oprah. Well done I quite agree, even ...more

One Struggle, One Fight

Today marks the beginning of the 5-day long march from Berkeley to Sacramento in an effort to repeal Proposition 8. One Struggle, One Fight, a beloved community that stands for equality, has organized this march to affect change in California’s Supreme Court and connect with communities along the way. ...more

Christian Teens and SEX ... Before Marriage.

Christians and SEX are not usually in the same sentence, unless of course they are married! But what about Christians who are not married? I am specifically referring to teenage or young adult Christians who are still living the single life. Christians have very DEFINITE opinions about sex or the lack there of!I was involved in a conversation the other day and this came up, so I figured I would bring it to the blogosphere and let you guys have a crack at it! ...more

What is the purpose of a Wife?

Wives are called to steer husbands to the Lord.As a women in Christ, you are set in the family to serve your husband. Ephesisans 5 verse 22 to 25 explains that wives should submit to their husbands. Now in many households, the lady is the spiritually sensitive one, and often has a husband who is either not saved or is cold to the word of God. What are you supposed to do in this case. ...more

My Relationship, Ten Years in the Future

I’m a few months shy of my 29th birthday, so in ten years I’ll be approaching 40. It seems kind of crazy to think so far ahead, wondering what my life will be like and what kind of relationship I’d like to have, but I know it’s not really all that long in the grand scheme of things. ...more

That topic is as deep as it is wide. I've been married 14 years and my husband is about 180 ...more


"Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment." - Ellis Peters ...more

Love is the water of Life

John 15 : 9"As the Father loved Me,I also have loved you;abide in my love." Jesus, I pray that you would forgive us for being a wicked and adulterous nation. Forgive us that we have not recognized and accepted you in many ways, and that we have not carried your name forward and represented you as we should. Jesus is Love!Every thing that Jesus has done in the past and will do in the future is based on His pure and total love for us. ...more

It is a pleasuremore

Why do women tear eachother down?

Why do we tend to tear one another down instead of helping, encouraging and loving eachother? (While not EVERY woman displays this type of behavior) Still come on we are all guilty of it in some form or another! Participating in the office gossip about you know who...Telling a secret to a mutual friend that your girlfriend shared with you...Coveting a size 4 body and beautiful husband...Giving a woman a dirty look at a club or the mall. And it's not just grown women but young women are becoming more and more ruthless against eachother. ...more
@RebeccaKeenan   i consider myself quite lucky - i've never had to deal with these shallow petty ...more