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Handy Cleaning Tips to Welcome Spring in Style

Yes, it's time to think spring. After all , it's only 31 days, 9 hours and 37 minutes and counting down!But what you do now can help you save time and welcome spring in style:Give your house a mini-face lift......more

Smart Home Solutions For Small Spaces

If you live in a little studio apartment, a cabin, or even a one-bedroom condo, space can seem like the most precious thing in the world. What to do? The following are my top tips for products that fill needs and work well:...more

DIY Vintage Mantle

Hi All! ...more

Our Half-Bath: A Refresh with Paint

Over the course of the week I got to painting the half bath - finally! It's been on mind for several months now.  The thing is, the bathroom receives zero natural light, and the colour on the walls in there was very dark.  The only reason I chose the old paint colour was because it went nicely with some prints I hung up, but seriously that is no way to choose a colour (especially not one that I ended up regretting shortly after making that choice)....more

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table from (French) Country Design Home!

Since I have discove...more
Wow, I really like the table!  Great idea!  It looks like you did a really good job!more

How to Make Your Own DIY Framed Tea Towel Art

I'd describe my style as vintage farmhouse meets industrial. This framed tea towel art combines those two styles with a vintage-inspired soda fountain graphic and exposed metal braces. ...more
I've been framing tea towels from our travels for years. Or having them framed is more accurate! ...more

Are you Mentally Prepared for a Predator

A bear in the wild that wants to protect its young from another predator isn’t worried about manners. This is how people should feel when in circumstances that don’t feel right. The bear has a gut instinct not to let its young near a predator....more

The Cat in the Greenhouse

I went to our local garden store to buy a few needed items for seed starting and get some ideas for next season’s planting. I must confess that every time I step inside a garden store I lose track of time, because I tend to get sidetracked by items of interest, new plants or colorful displays.While wandering around checking out bags of peat moss, colorful ceramic pots and watering cans, I stumbled upon the winter greenhouse, a little tropical paradise and such a welcome respite from the dreary gray and leafless landscape....more

SK's Painted

Well good morning.Here on the west coast of Oregon we are having a grand time with rain, rain and more rain. I'm not complaining you see, because I see what is happening in the north east with the digging out from under many feet of white, cold stuff. So I will take the Oregon damp and be glad.I am a painter. A mad painter. Don't stand still or you will find your self signed and sold. I love painting, any kind of painting. My newest endevor is painted upholstery and painted furniture. It's such fun....more