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Outdoor Buffet and Grilling Station

I consider this old table a special piece. It belonged to my Grandfather who was a butcher and used this table to store his equipment. I have lots of memories of this table that sat outside the door entering their garage from the house. He built this table years ago with some 2x4 boards and a plywood top trimmed with quarter round. When my Grandparents house sold last year I was so happy my family let me have it. I saw the potential it had even though it was not in very good shape....more

Spring Wreath

  I've been wanting to make my own spring wreath for awhile now, but due to the cold weather of the past few months I had to put this project on hold. I was so excited this past week when the temperature was in the 70's!...more

Organize On A Budget – Vanity RefreshFrom the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via Divinely OrganizedHow do you store your makeup? Is your vanity area organized?...more

Entryway Decor and Inspiration

Yay, I finally decorated my entryway! It's been awhile since I shared a home decor post. Since owning this home for a little over two years, I've learned that decorating is a long, drawn-out process because it's expensive! It takes me forever because I'm indecisive and cheap. The good news is that I'm patient and I'm thrifty....more

Succulent Arrangement DIY

Good grief … what to title this.  That was the dilemma so I went with this one.  It seems like I always have some succulent project going on. The terra cotta piece that you see below is actually meant to be hold a candle.  The finished arrangement just sounded funny being called “a succulent lantern”.  It just doesn’t look much like a lantern when filled with moss and decorated with succulents.  ...more

Creamy Fudge Bars

Not All Homes Are Sweet

THE JOURNEY BEGINSRecently, I began the long, arduous search for a new house.  Although I’d been scouting out locations online in about five different towns since about five years ago, the whole hunt changes once you step foot in deceptively nice, spacious homes.  Please, join me on my journey in the land of too small, too expensive, too dangerous, too cluttered, too cheap, too dirty and, surprisingly, too smelly and why MB needs to go back to work full-time PRONTO!THERE GOES MY REAL ESTATE CAREER...more

Setting an Easter Table on a Dime...Anyone Can Do It!

Organize On A Budget – Easter Tablescape and VignetteFrom the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via Divinely OrganizedSpring has finally arrived....more

10 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Food, Beverages, and Junk Mail

10 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Food, Beverages, and Junk Mail bySandra C. Fykes...more

From packrat to minimalist!

From Packrat to Minimalist I would be ashamed if anyone decided to open up just about any drawer in my home. Why? Well, everyone is entitled to have one or two junk drawers but I’m not exaggerating when I say just about EVERY drawer in my home is a junk drawer. It may have clothes in it but you better believe that somewhere in that drawer lies something that doesn’t belong....more