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Sunday Morning in Charleston

I woke up this morning to sunshine, and temperatures in the 50’s. I opened my curtains for a look at such a beautiful day; my first vision was of a lady walking her dog, in her nightgown and robe, slippers falling off begging the dog to go and take care of business.“You woke me up,” I heard her hiss desperately “please go now!”...more
I'm from Charleston but haven't lived there in 30 years. I miss it, still.more

Shared Girls Room

I have been literally obsessed with finishing the girls’ new room, and honestly it isn’t really finished yet.  There are a few things to tweak here and there and paint.  There are also a few DIY projects that still need to be done, but don’t worry!  I will definitely share them once they have been completed....more
Super cute room, I love itmore

Don't Use a Rototiller – Here's Why

Many beginner gardeners choose to use rototillers in their garden, yard and lawn, in hopes of making maintenance easier and clean. However, it's easier said than done. While some people see rototillers as integral garden tools, there are actually numerous disadvantages to using them. Yes, that's right: a rototiller may seem like a handy tools but it can actually do more harm than good.Read more about dangers of using a rototiller....more

DIY Rock Art

 My friend Lisa has an eye for fashion and decorating, the only thing I have an eye for is a good bag of Funyuns. She's not a blogger, but let's pretend she is and is guest hosting this week!! Welcome, Lisa!...more

Last Snow for Now?

I was up early this morning and we all went for a walk before any of the neighbors were apparently up.The snow squall that started yesterday left a beautiful coating on the lawns and the sidewalks were clear. The girls enjoyed playing in the snow; it was as if they knew that winter is probably through.There is always something about walking in a quiet, snowy city that just serves as balm for the soul. The quiet of the streets meets the pure white of the snow, and for a while, all seems right with the world....more

DIY Laundry Detergent!


West Elm Art Print Challenge at Minted

West Elm, the purveyors of ultra cool and modern furniture + home decor, recently partnered with Minted, the purveyors of ultra cool and modern stationery + art prints! A match made in heaven, don't you think? The collaboration resulted in an Art Print Challenge at Minted, with the potential of, not only a cash prize of $1000, but also having your art prints sold exclusively at West Elm + Minted....more

Spring Longings

{Photo from Holli Long on Instagram.}...more

Spring takes a Holiday

…at least for two days. After 60 degree temperatures on Saturday, today the morning temperature was 34 degrees, with a chance of snow coming tomorrow…..REALLY?Spring is supposed to be a time for rebirth, not remission into the frozen state.You get the false sense of probably getting spring/summer clothes out, yet this morning I was scouting out some polar fleece.I laugh at local coffee shops promoting iced coffee, as those who were frozen, like me, needed the warmth of the coffee cup alone to warm our hands up.OK Spring-I will put on warning....more