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Square Foot Gardening for Beginners

Whoot whoot! I finally have my veggie garden getting up and growing! I might have mentioned already that my husband didn't share my enthusiasm for another try on my wildest projects: growing most of our own produce. He remembers all too well the gazillion times that I took on a veggie garden and then neglected it, even if there was good stuff to harvest. The good thing is that I do almost everything in pots, so it's fairly easy to clean up. And this year I can add to the list... ...more
HUGE fan. Such an efficient way to grow vegetables--I have a community garden plot here in LA, ...more

In the Kitchen: Kitchen Hood Designs

Our kitchens are the main central gathering space for families and entertaining.  The kitchen's design is very important for functionality.  You might have heard of the work triangle, which is a guideline for kitchen task placement.  It incorporates the cooking, cleaning, and prep zones.  When designing a kitchen, the range or cooktop location is a or the main focal point.  Kitchen hood designs are often considered an architectural element....more

Six ways to repurpose powdered milk tins.

And why would we need to keep all that s***, taking up valuable space?My husband had that look. I know I better have a very good explanation ready, to ease his punctual and organized mind. I'm not a hoarder, but in my husband's eyes, I will quickly become one if he'd let me. Maybe he's even right about that.Anyway, the *** he's referring to is a series of up til now, 7 big powdered toddler-milk tins. Number 8 will soon be added to the collection. They are, indeed, big. And noisy. But, I keep them for a reason. For a number of reasons actually....more

Life Celebrating Style

Transitional weather

If there is anything worse than transitional weather, it has got to be transitional weather when you are moving between two houses....more

Clean Up On Aisle Four

Sometime a person need to get rid of trash. The trash I got around here is keeping me down. Not letting me move forward.I know there plenty of cleaning in the basement were I want to put in ceramic studio. But I need to get rid of other trash. So it could be possible I can organize. ...more

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy

We live in an ever-more-sterile world that is paradoxically becoming less and less safe and healthy as we try to make it more and more safe and healthy. You may be shaking your head at the first sentence and you might be wondering what we are talking about. Trust us, we have a point, and that point is backed with expert opinions from people who know about hygiene, medicine and child-rearing....more

Basics for Raised Bed Gardening: Simple Growing Tips for Beginners and Experts

Horticulture HeavenRaised garden beds which some refer to as garden boxes are ideal for growing small amounts of veggies or flowers. They keep out unwanted weeds, prevent soil compaction from high foot traffic, have good drainage and can even help with pest control such as slugs, rabbits and dogs....more

8 Weeks to a Happier Home

Everything has been driving me crazy lately.  I’m frustrated with nearly every aspect of life and it’s made me a little less than eager to do things, anything really.  There is so much I COULD be doing, but instead I focus on just getting by: Are the kids fed?  Are the kids clean?  Am I fed?  Am I clean?  Is hubby fed?  Is everyone where they need to be when they need to be?  Is Honeybun’s schoolwork done?  Will child protective services deem my home “clean enough”?  And in that order…...more

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay There's something super special about flowers in a house...especially in the springtime. I love the color and fragrance they add to a home...and there's a certain "homey" feeling that they add as well....more