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It's All about the Details: Cathedral Ceilings

Last week I talked about vaulted ceilings (see that here), and mentioned cathedral ceilings.  Cathedral ceilings are often used interchangeably with vaulted ceilings in the interior design world, but it is not truly a vaulted ceiling.  So I thought I would clarify what a true cathedral ceiling is....more

Vintage Home: 10 Ways to Clean With Vinegar

Years ago, vinegar was one of the go to cleaners our grandmothers relied on. It is still a great, all natural solution for your cleaning needs. Image: Nomadic Lass ...more
You have to be careful...vinegar can harm marble and other natural stones. And can eat away at ...more

An Easy DIY Terrarium

Let me preface this post by saying, if I can build a terrarium, you can build one too. I don't consider myself to be very DIY-savvy, but it's something that I'm working on. Growing a plant is on my list of 27 things and I'm thinking if I can keep these succulents alive for at least a month I can count it, right? ...more

Our kitchen remodel

In the fall of 2013, we underwent a kitchen remodel. Our house was built in 1981, and the kitchen had been updated here and there over the years. It used to be painted mauve and had some 1980′s wallpaper. There was a peninsula with cabinets hanging down from the ceiling. The previous owners took out the peninsula and added an island instead. They also installed can lighting, and we had bought new appliances over the past few years. However the cabinets were still original and were starting to show their age. We also didn’t have much space with the island. Here are some “before” pics....more
It looks terrific!more

Our House: Before and After

Hey y'all! How have ya been? I've decided to come out of hibernation! The weather, trying to find a house in a different state, having a house on the market, packing, moving, and unpacking took up most of my time. Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me.  Today I'm sharing some before and after pictures from our Ohio house....more

Last Egg

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DIY easy magnetic chalkboard wall!

i just revealed my new workspace here, or as you all helped me to decide to call it my "studio". and as promised i am sharing how i covered the wall behind my desk with magnetic chalkboards!...more

Drawers - Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

On this week’s installment of my kitchen revamp and organization, I’m talking about cleaning up your kitchen drawers. Luckily, we don’t have many drawers so this is one of the easier steps of the kitchen makeover....more

How to decorate with chevron pattern

We think that chevron pattern is pretty much amazing. It adds so much interest to the home, and it looks awesome in almost every type of design. There are a lot of different ways to add chevron patternto your space, and since there are so many, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few of them. So, follow along with us as we discuss a few ways to incorporate this magnificent pattern into your home design....more

this weekend i learned that painting is the worst

I learned some lessons this weekend. On Friday, we paid to have our living room painted. I felt guilty paying someone to do something we technically could have done ourselves. But she moved the furniture, puttied all the holes, washed the walls and painted the walls, ceiling and trim. So worth it. And I'm so much happier to be free of our previously pee yellow colored walls. Here are some after photos - ...more