Biking Towards Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Riding a bicycle is seen as a rite of passage for most children and a recreational tool for many adults,  but for a group of women in Afghanistan, it is a vehicle towards equality....more

I Don't Wear Makeup or Heels. But I'm Not Going to Tell You What to Do

It’s pretty obvious, once you get to know me, that I really am not much for traditional beauty standards. I rarely wear makeup; it’s mostly a sensory thing. (The feeling of blush and foundation on my cheeks makes me want to scream.) I don’t know how to do much with my long hair, so I learn a few easy tricks and then do them when I feel like it – otherwise it’s in a ponytail. And I’ve heard a lot about my choice not to wear makeup much or to keep my hair long but not really do anything with it. Trust me – I’ve heard it, from family, friends, and even some significant others....more

Interview with the Creators of @Gnosis

Interview with the Creators of @Gnosis July 27, 2015 | Navarre Overton ...more

I Was Raped

I was raped.  I hate using that word.  When I think of rape, I think of a woman walking alone at night, back to her apartment.  In the shadows, a man in all black and a ski mask lurks behind the bushes.  Like an animal watching his prey, he attacks her, tying her up and violently taking her without consent....more
I'm so sorry. No should have meant no. He knew what he was doing, even though in his mind he ...more

5 Reasons #INeedMeninism for LOLs

Well I don't need  it for Lols; lots of things actually make me laugh. Contrary to the gospel of every faction of anti-feminism, feminists can have a sense of humor. In fact, in face of a society rife with misogyny most of us wouldn't survive public discourse with out one.As proof of this claim, I present the following......more

Wait, Nicki Minaj Can't Even Be Frustrated? What Emotions Am I Allowed To Have As a Black Woman?

Years ago, my visiting sister and I were teasing each other about one of those random topics siblings joke about. My roommate overheard us as she climbed the stairs in our apartment and gently admonished us: “Now girls, don’t fight.” My sister and I turned to each other with the same puzzled expression. We weren’t fighting. We were joking around, having a good time. What was she talking about? I considered my roommate’s perspective: she saw two sisters in conversation with raised voices, using animated gestures. ...more
I'm upset too. I don't like what's going on, there has been too much; I think we should speak ...more

4 'How To Be a Lady' Lessons My Daughters Won't Be Learning From Me

Dear Daughters The New York Times recently ran a piece about dads signing up for a special "clinic" at a hair salon to learn how to braid their daughters’ hair. The piece referenced girls on the playground, running amuck with hair that had clearly suffered at the hands of their fathers. ...more
KathyRadigan thank you so much for sharing!more

Why Hillary Is the Candidate Who Understands Women's Economic Issues

Seems like not a day goes by that somebody or other doesn't crawl out of the woodwork with an announcement about their candidacy for President in the 2016 election. For the most part, there's not a lot of diversity on the ballot - it's mostly older white men.  (Or as we say inside the Beltway, pale, stale and male.)  So far, 10%  of the candidates are women: Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina.  That's something... I suppose. ...more
ChristineNewbold I am all for Bernie Sanders!  He is so much more authentic than Hillary ...more

#BlogHer15 Keynote: Christy Turlington Burns on Saving Women's Lives Through Maternal Health

Three women die each day giving birth in the U.S. – here's what these women are doing to stop it....more