It Matters That Two Planned Parenthood Shooting Victims Were People of Color

On Friday, 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear entered a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood and opened fire with a long gun. For hours, Dear exchanged gunfire with police officials, killing two civilians and one police officer....more
I understand your concern, but low income women will be served well, in fact better in some ...more

Shonda Rhimes and Feminism

I have a confession: I am forty-four and I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I haven't missed an episode since it aired. And now that I have cancelled cable and rely on Netflix for my shows, I spend the last hour of my evening -- after my grading is done, kids' homework is checked, kids have been put to bed, bills have been paid, whatever writing I can muster is written -- collapsing on my couch to watch Grey's Anatomy-- from the beginning....more

When Christian patriarchy fails, and its children need spiritual peace

I read a portion of the Bible recently and it pissed me off.{And not in the “Oh, that’s the conviction of the Holy Spirit” kind of way.}As part of my research for an essay I was invited to write for a natural hair anthology, I wanted to find the old Scriptures that I was raised with – the ones that talked about how a woman’s hair is her glory....more

How Gloria Steinem Got Me Thinking About White Feminism

This week, I went to see Gloria Steinem “in conversation with” Cheryl Strayed. I put that phrase in quotes because really it was more like Cheryl Strayed davening at the feet of the icon, as many of us feminists tend to do (deservedly so). At eighty-one years old, Steinem was dressed in that perfectly put together uniform of hers that I still love: seventies-chic in all black, form-fitting turtleneck, wide-legged pants with a silver, low-slung Navajo concho belt resting on her hips. ...more
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What is the Bechdel Test?

Developed in 1985 by Alison Bechdel, the Bechdel Test now an important feminist staple when it comes to Western media and pop culture derived from HollyWOOD– which is typically a man’s world. This eye opening test was conceived and published in Bechdel’s comic series called Dykes to Watch Out For in a strip entitled The Rule. For this reason, sometimes this test is also referred to as the Bechdel Rule....more

Why are women still regarded as not being funny?

I still recall being horrifyingly disappointed during my undergraduate years when a very liberal and open minded male friend of mine said that female comedians weren’t funny. It seemed to me to be a preposterously outrageous thing to believe, and to publicly express. Luckily, most countries have gotten past the ridiculous idea that women are somehow less intelligent than men. However, it is still socially acceptable, and much more easily forgiven, to say that women aren’t funny. I suddenly found myself in a difficult position....more

Let's Eliminate Violence Against Women #OrangetheWorld

Find out what leaders around the world are doing to take a stand for women....more

'No' is a Complete Sentence: So why won't some men accept it?

I've been trying to take a break from my usual snark and sarcastic writing style on the blog this week and trying to keep things positive and respectful.  Given the current state of affairs in our world and also the upcoming holiday (ya know, the one where we’re supposed to be thankful?) I just felt it was appropriate to ease up on humor, silliness and even general bitching or complaining.Ha.  Til now.  ...more

Meet the Brave Women Who Are Fighting to End Female Persecution in the Muslim World

Originally published on Opportunity Lives.