How My Inner Freak & Feminist Learned to Get Along

My partner and I have been together for 6 years now and I have been actively suppressing my sexuality for about as long. Let me explain. In my single, sexy, and free days of college, I kept my feelings about sex light and carefree. I did it when I wanted to and with whom I wanted to. I liked it that way. I never believed sex was inherently intimate or emotional. Some called me fast, I called me fun....more
@IluminatiNYC _chunk_ Hi! Can you expand? I personally don't think that bedroom behavior and ...more

The Art of Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field

My name is Rachel. I am 25 and a female, and those two small facts come as a shock to the majority of my co-workers. My predecessor was a middle-aged male, the other people in my industry are mainly male and the majority of my co-workers are males. I manage employees, most of which are male, and I am managed by males. I can faintly hear my feminist sisters in the background cheering for me, and I usually wear these facts like a badge of honor on my chest. I am proud of this, but if we are being honest, it is no walk in the park....more
It seems as if your age has more to do with their lack of trust in your ability than your ...more

And why not the clitoris?

And why not the clitoris? A loyal reader steered me toward Sophia Wallace's "cliteracy" art, and I thought, what if, instead of a tiny pocket penis, women carried a tiny clitoris around -- not a real one, you understand, because we already do carry a real one around....more

As a Woman, I Want to Stay Hidden While Running

It's not cars that I worry about when I run before dawn....more
I call bullshit, too.  It's insane and a reality (rawr!) that we have to worry more about ...more


Wow... there was an outpouring of emails sent to me. Women who wanted to share their story. Men who wanted to share their story. Some were victims, and others were admitting fault- a total stranger apologized to me because he didn't know her name. "She was passed out," he wrote. "She didn't say no but she didn't say yes either. She didn't really say much." ...more

Sorry, I Won't Be Bringing My Dick to the Table

Guess what "BRDTTT" stands for? You won't get it, so I'll tell you. Bring Your Dick to the Table. Apparently the artist—and I use that term loosely—believes women can keep these expensive little pet cocks in their pockets to grab on to when they lose confidence in, for example, themselves in a business situation with men. A whole inch and a half of penile self-confidence right in the palm of our small, feminine hands....more
TerriLynnMerritts Nope, that is not what men do with pocket pussies.more


I just wanted to send a little thought out into the universe:  today I’m feeling so very thankful.  ...more

Traditional Gender Roles, Romantic Preferences and Feminism

Originally posted on“My son, he wants a classic woman, but every one these days is a feminist.”...more

Remembering Yuri Kochiyama, Civil Rights Activist

Civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama passed away over the weekend at the age of 93. But sadly, outside of the Asian American and Black Power activism communities, she is not well known. You may recognize Kochiyama as the woman in the cat-eye glasses next to Malcolm X after he was fatally shotin 1965. ...more
Rest in power with Malcolm and Paul Robeson. xoxoxmore

Dear "Nice Guy," You May Not Be As Nice As You Think You Are

Dear "Nice Guy", Hi! Yes, I see you there. You've made a point of being around me, and like lots of nice guys I've known through the years, you're interested in being more than just the nice guy who's hanging around me. Maybe you've watched me dating guys who are, in your opinion, vastly inferior in what they can offer me compared to you. Maybe I've been dumped, heartbroken, even possibly abused by guys like that, and there you are, so nice, so perfect for me if I'd only open my eyes and see it, waiting in the wings for me to notice you. ...more
funkyzoom I have to disagree. While there are plenty of guys out there who prioritize sex over ...more