Sexual Objectification Of Women

About a year ago, I asked a friend of mine (a 19 year old female), to go out to a club with me. I was thinking we would go have a fun night of dancing, and a few drinks. She said no. When I asked why, she explained to me that she wouldn’t go out (to a club or bar) unless accompanied by her boyfriend, because she was afraid to be violated by other men while she’s out dancing. After thinking about it, I realized that this is not something I had put much thought into, but it happens all the time....more

"Crazy" Women

I was watching the AMA awards a few nights ago, and admired how Taylor Swift makes  ...more

Feminism Fridays: I am my own woman

Original image by Zack Roif ...more

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard about Women

Women: fickle, emotional, feisty, bitchy, bubbly, pushy, sassy, headstrong, hormonal, high-strung, ditzy, catty. These are just some of the words that are only used to describe women. Good or bad they are out there, and quite honestly if we as women want them gone, we have to work at it, not just complain about it. Most importantly we have to stop using them to describe one another.  I will say that it is unfair and downright rude being described as bitchy, I mean really the word is derived from the meaning of a female dog, it is one of my least favorite words....more

Diamond Rings and Body Hair

You guessed it. Here is this week's silly post. Last week it was about shaved heads. This week - diamond rings and body hair....more

5 Feminist Books For Which To Be Thankful

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am thankful for a lot things: my husband, my children, my job, and my friends. But one thing I am always -- every day -- grateful for is books. Up until my adoption-- at the age of eight -- I had not known books or the stories that lay in wait for me when I turned the pages. But as an immigrant in the US in the early 80s, books are what saved me from isolation and disconnectedness. Here are my favorite books -- books that have taught me to be brave and what it means to be empowered....more

Prayers for a better life

With all the suffering in Ferguson and the recent reports of gang rapes at UVA, I just wanted to send out a prayer to the universe—a prayer for peace and healing, a prayer for change, a prayer for love and kindness over despair and violence....more

I'm More Than "Just a Stripper"

 Please find below my response to an experience that is unfortunately quite common for pole dancers like myself. The details are specific to my most recent “Regina George”, but after a number of years of being deeply in love with this sport, the mean girls all tend to blend together.Dear “Regina George”,The other day you called me out for being “just a stripper”. I was offended, but not for the reasons you think.“Just”A few questions for context, if you please:Who are you to limit me, exactly?...more
ShantiOm Thanks for reading :) I love it too :)more

Girls Don't Fart

Once upon a time, in a land far away, I dated a guy who believed that girls aren’t supposed to fart. He said it to me right after I let rip the first wallop of our fledgling 3 month relationship.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t a dainty toot.  My anal acoustics were akin to Maverick and Goose flying by the control tower.  It was a bold first fart.This guy was clearly not a good match for me as I possess a stomach whose main digestive function is to produce rectal turbulence....more
Hmmmm, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one lol.  Not that Ward wasn't a wanker as ...more

#FeminismIn100Words – the whole shebang

Over the last week I have posted 100 words a day about feminism. Here they are all together. What can you say about feminism in 100 words? The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue…There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the words ‘feminism’ and‘feminist’ have lost their purpose....more