I’m Muslim, but if my husband thinks about a second wife, I’ll reach for my shotgun

A lot of westerners have this image of Muslim men as some rolley polley guy in a white maxi with a red scarf on his head married to several burqa-clad women who slave over him all day long. ...more

Meeting the President of the United States-Part 1


Bechdel Test Your Writing

Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? Well this week we take on another Write Along Challenge by turning the Bechdel Test, normally used for movies, into a easy Writing Exercise for you writers. All we’re asking you to do is stop and consider your narrative, characters and how you tell stories. That's not too much to ask, right?...more

Pink is NOT Fat.

As someone who has a strong interest in women’s issues, I feel compelled to give my 2 cents about Pink (Does she still spell it with an exclamation point??) & the recent brouhaha about her weight....more

Being A blendy

I describe myself as a 'blendy'.I do not like rigid beliefs as it doesn't make any sense... unless of course I was the only person on this planet.   I'd not have anyone to 'compare' with.People do make mistakes and make no mistake I'm sure if you look at the 'most perfect' person in your world, you will find they have made some too.Hypocrisy - embrace your inner hypocrite and find new ways to tell people off.  Own your own mistakes.  Tooting your own horn as an example of how 'things should be done' isn't the way. ...more

5 Things You Can Do Today for Equal Pay

This was in my Twitter feed today to remind me it's Equal Pay Day:...more

How One Men's Magazine is Fighting for Women's Rights

It says a lot about our culture when a popular, men’s magazine feels compelled to dedicate one of its issues to addressing women’s rights.Esquire’s April issue, aptly titled “Women and Men,” is a must-read for anyone grappling with the current realities facing women. As editor-in-chief David Granger points out in his editor’s letter, the last seven months should have provoked us to do some soul-searching....more


"I believe that deep within our being as a nation there is a longing for a moral movement that plows deep into our souls..." Rev. Dr. William Barbar,  NAACP...more

Friend or Foe?

There is a peculiar blessing in being underestimated, the most obvious benefit of which is having to only slightly exceed people's very low expectations to be considered exceptional....more

Stop Telling Feminist Women They’re 'Playing the Victim'

Here's why the term "playing the victim" is so wrong....more