"You're not like the others..."

Person: Where are you from?Me: I’m American. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.Person: No, I mean your ancestry. Where are your parents from?Me: Both parents were also born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. My maternal grandparents are from the south and paternal grandparents are from Barbados.Person: That’s it!! I knew you couldn’t be all Black American; you’re not typical and you damn sure don’t act like an American.Me: I’m afraid I don’t understand. What exactly do you mean?...more

*Glamour in ALL Shades*

SOOOOO what’s up with this? Don’t sit up there and act like you haven’t noticed it too! I need answers…LIKE NOW!...more

Is It Righteous Indignation or Feminist Virtues?

A women’s intuition is a powerful thing, I’m convinced that it’s a gift we’re born with. Some of us are more in tune with it than others but nevertheless all women have this innate ability of knowing when something just doesn’t quite add up.“Who would like to give the closing prayer?” Sister Abbie would ask us. She was my first Sunday school teacher and very well liked among the kids because she had the best snacks. We were a motley crew of elementary and middle school aged students, southern, all from different socio-economical backgrounds....more


Her innocence as a daughter.Her care as a sister.Her warmth as a Friend.Her dedication as a Wife.And her divinity as a Mother.She's tough yet so tender.She's a WOMAN. She's a life. A woman of substance, is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. Follow your heart and never give up and you can do anything.When you find a passion in life, it creates a meaning in your life and gives you a purpose in the world; it generates happiness. :) :) Be blessed and Stay Blessed....more

Black is the New Pink

My daughter Tink (not her real name) is about to turn 9, and everything is changing. She has always been sassy, smart, and fearless, but until last year, she preferred to do it in various shades of pink....more

Engaged people at book talk on sexual abuse in Chicago

 My signing and talk about my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood, happened last weekend in Chicago. People who came were very responsive and asked good questions. They also shared their experiences. They said it was helpful. That is very redeeming for me. Sharing my story takes a lot of energy (although it gives me energy, too), and I am recouping this week. ...more

‘Ready for the lists’, say Uruguayan women

A new series of commercials featuring public figures, as well as workshops and support for women politicians from all parties, and a project to broaden the current quota law are all stimulating the participation of women in decision-making in Uruguay. ...more

Congress Is Not Just For Old White Men - Moms Can Serve Too

The recent primary election brought the usual flood of campaign literature pouring through my letter slot. I had nearly tossed the pile into the recycling bin when I noticed something AMAZING.There was a large color photo of a Hispanic woman holding two tiny kids. The text began “As a mother of two children…” and was an endorsement for quality pre-K. It hit me – SHE was the candidate, and she was claiming her identity as a mother in her campaign for the state legislature. Had I ever seen such a thing before? Had it ever HAPPENED before?...more
We need more women--mothers, grandmothers, lesbians, singles, aunts, wives, daughters, sisters. ...more

I Wore Pearls Today

I woke up late and rushed to get ready but remembered to wear my pearls today.As I was leaving the house, Baby Girl spit up all over my shirt; it’s okay, I wore pearls today.I’m almost to the car and realize I left my coffee on the counter so back into the house I go because I can’t make it through the morning without caffeine. Of course some spills on me during the drive, but it’s okay because I wore pearls today....more

The Obvious Child: New Rom-Com Talks About Abortion

The other night I finally had the chance to catch Obvious Child, the new film starring Jenny Slate. It's been a while since I've seen a movie in the theater, but I wanted to make sure I saw this one on the big screen—not for aesthetic reasons but for political ones. I want my money to register as part of its box office take....more
No. What the author fails to understand is that it's not the topic of abortion that is the ...more