A 24 Hour Day: Sleep 8 Hours

I start with sleep.  Not because it lops off our biggest chunk of the day, but because if you go long enough sleep is uncontrollable.  Sleep will literally overtake your body without you knowing it.  Ironic, as sometimes your body doesn't go to sleep when you want it to....more


Picture this. It's late at night in a major metropolitan hospital at the close of visiting hours. I've been to visit a sick friend on the ninth floor and the wing is nearly empty--the hospital is undergoing renovations. As I walk down the long hallway to the elevator, I suddenly feel like a heroine in a Kevin Williamson movie. The hallway is dark, deserted, and the only sound is my footsteps on the linoleum floor. Most of the rooms are empty and hospital equipment is stacked in the hall, covered with plastic sheets....more

24 Hours In A Day: 2nd in a 13 part series

Here is a twenty-four hour day.  It is the same twenty-four hours as my Grandmother's, her Grandmother's, and her great-grandmother's.It is the same 24 hour day that we ALL have....more

"I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars"

Society peculiarly frowns upon loving yourself too much, being unduly confident, and being your own PR agent (e.g. Kanye, Charlie Sheen). Be confident, but not too confident; be proud of what you do, but don’t be prideful; praise others, but be sure not to praise yourself. What exactly is the problem we have with acknowledging one’s awesomeness?...more

Hello & Welcome (to both you and me!)

Hi all - BlogHer newbie Enn here.  I considered waiting until I had the absolute perfect words for my  first BlogHer post.  But then I looked at the available topics and realized that my blog niche doesn't fall into any of those categories.  Thus this post.I write about concealed carrying of firearms. Sounds deep, filled with political angst, and totally about men doesn't it?  It's not. At least not for me.  I keep it simple...and girly!...more
Grace Hwang Lynch Thanks Grace!more

How did I get to be a Feminist?

What the hell is Feminism anyways?I am a child of the 70’s. Born at the end of the Vietnam War and at the edge of some sort of sexual revolution. Feminism was a word I have always known, but it’s had so many different faces through the years that I really never latched on and instead actually found myself repelled by the topic. As a woman, feminism was complicated and often a source of anger. You had to choose a side, and really no matter which one you stood on seemed to be wrong....more

I'm just not that kind of woman

You're right, clothes are like food, you should try everything before making a decision. Just ...more

I will always remember my first....

Subject: Thanks so much for the email!Dear Random Internet Guy,...more

Dear Brave Heart

My dear brave heart, Yes, you. The one reading this blog post over a cup of coffee while Bubble Guppies plays in the background, or while you pretend to work at your desk on this typical Thursday-why-are-you-not Friday morning, or right before you turn off the light on another long, hard day of being someone's mother, wife, sister, daughter, or girlfriend.Listen up! I just want to tell you that no matter where you are in your life. I think you're brave. ...more

Rites of Passage

It’s funny, the things you remember about adolescence.When I was in fifth or sixth grade we learned about the process of menstruation via educational video in health class. Other kids giggled and squirmed. I fell off my desk, passed out cold....more